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What to do with paneer?

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Jamsangwich Tue 09-Jul-19 12:30:54

I've bought a packet of this, and whilst there are recipes online, I'd really appreciate suggestions from folks who use it themselves. Complete novice, although I've had it in a restaurant once and I enjoyed it.

Will it work if I marinade it (in a dry spice rub maybe?) and cook it on skewers, like kebabs? Or is it better in wet dishes?

Nowisthemonthofmaying Tue 09-Jul-19 12:33:06

Fine both ways, in my experience! I used to just fry it up in chunks and chuck into stews, salads etc. Not very authentic, but tasty!

OhEliza Tue 09-Jul-19 12:35:31

Nigella's muttar paneer is one of my all-time favourites

Hoppinggreen Tue 09-Jul-19 12:36:05

Paneer cauliflower and pea curry
Grate it with courgettes to make fritters

Hotterthanahotthing Tue 09-Jul-19 12:36:13

Spinache and paneer curry,the BBC food one is nice.
Nice on skewers dusted with spice mix.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Tue 09-Jul-19 12:47:35

There's a recipe for mutter paneer that I got from on here which I make all the time. I've attached screenshots of the recipe. I also like it in biryani.

It would definitely work on skewers, that sounds really tasty. In India they use paneer in all sorts of things, basically any dish where you could use meat they have it with paneer. I even had it on a pizza when I was out there!

Jamsangwich Tue 09-Jul-19 12:49:22

Oh my word, thank you all so much! I knew you lot would come up trumps. Right, looks like it might be kebabs tonight and perhaps the mutter paneer next time.

FamilyOfAliens Tue 09-Jul-19 12:54:21


I posted that recipe on here a couple of years ago! It’s from Jack Santa Maria’s Indian Vegetarian Cookery Book.

I posted it under another user name and we’ve been cooking it for about ten years. I’ve never taste a better recipe for Mattar Paneer, even in a restaurant. So pleased you like it!

(I still always forget to add the garam masala and lemon juice at the end ...)

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Tue 09-Jul-19 13:28:58


That's so funny! I didn't know who had posted it or where it had come from because I didn't screenshot that bit and I could never find the thread again, but I've been making it ever since! It's such a good recipe.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 09-Jul-19 21:03:06

Yes to Nigella's mattar paneer, although I up the spices.

This from Fresh India is gorgeous.

TinselAngel Tue 09-Jul-19 21:04:22

I had some really tasty sort of tandoori marinaded paneer kebabs in a restaurant once but I've never been able to find a decent recipe.

This is basically a place mark to see if anybody suggests a good recipe for the above!

1Bobbinwinder Tue 09-Jul-19 21:08:46

Best recipe ever. My next door neighbour introduced me to this website. It's a bit faffy but OMG

BlueSkiesLies Tue 09-Jul-19 22:02:50

Paneer tika with rice and salad

Paneer and pea curry

Ivegotthree Tue 09-Jul-19 22:05:17

Chuck it in the bin. I've never managed to make it nice.

BlueSkiesLies Tue 09-Jul-19 22:07:12


I do the attached with tofu but it work with paneer too. I can’t actually remember where I got it from, but the tika marinade is good!

Misty9 Tue 09-Jul-19 22:07:41

I can't eat onion or garlic but this saag paneer recipe tastes amazing even without those ingredients:

FamilyOfAliens Tue 09-Jul-19 22:12:10

Chuck it in the bin. I've never managed to make it nice.

Why advise people to waste food just because you’re a crap cook?

TapasForTwo Tue 09-Jul-19 22:13:37

Mutter paneer is a favourite in our house. I tend to use chick peas instead of green peas as DD doesn't like them.

lastqueenofscotland Wed 10-Jul-19 07:30:41

I don’t like it in dry dishes but it is wonderful in any curry

coffeeforone Wed 10-Jul-19 07:52:13

We had paneer bhurji for dinner last night - a dry dish where it's crumbled/grated - delicious!

coffeeforone Wed 10-Jul-19 07:53:45

But mutter paneer is delicious too!

Shannith Wed 10-Jul-19 08:59:40

These look delicious

pisspawpatrol Wed 10-Jul-19 09:17:27

We use it in saag aloo. Fry it with a clove of garlic in turmeric and then add at the last minute to the saag aloo. It's lovely and crispy and fragrant.

Jamsangwich Wed 10-Jul-19 11:19:02

I did the kebabs last night - mixed some spices in with a little oil and rubbed it over the paneer cubes, then left it to sit in the fridge for a while. I didn't bother skewering them, just put them on a pan under the grill and it worked beautifully. I'd made a rice salad so I topped it with the hot paneer and some toasted pine-nuts and cashews. Yum.

BlueSkiesLies Wed 10-Jul-19 11:35:35

@Jamsangwich yum that sounds amazing

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