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Roasting tin recipe book - amazing!

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Iamblossom Thu 04-Jul-19 20:31:12

If you like simple one pot healthy tasty meals, this book is for you. Have done several chicken ones, the duck one, and had the salmon and broccoli one this evening, amazing flavours, and so simple and quick! Strongly recommend.

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saltedcaramelhotchoc Fri 05-Jul-19 06:37:48

Which one do you mean? I have the Quick one and I absolutely love it - it's been so useful...

saltedcaramelhotchoc Fri 05-Jul-19 06:38:37

Just saw the image. That's the first one. I have the third one and it's excellent too.

Iamblossom Fri 05-Jul-19 06:52:52

There are more??? OMG!!!

I am rubbish at cooking but find these so easy and tasty.

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Iamblossom Fri 05-Jul-19 06:52:52

There are more??? OMG!!!

I am rubbish at cooking but find these so easy and tasty.

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Raera Fri 05-Jul-19 18:48:42

Just had a look on Amazon. The yellow cover one and the vegetarian one are now on my birthday wish list.
Thanks OP!

managedmis Fri 05-Jul-19 18:54:09

Is that baked avocado?

Cathpot Fri 05-Jul-19 18:55:18

I’ve got the veggie one ( I am veggie but the rest of the family isn’t) and I love it. I’ve bought it for my parents and my MIL so far. Really thoughtful combinations so that there is always some crunchy texture to go with the softer bits, I’ve started buying in staples I wouldn’t normally have like walnuts, that mean I can usual whip something up from the book without having to do a specific shop . I was thinking about getting the meat one to cook for the rest of the family- I think this is the nudge I needed!

EarlGrayT Fri 05-Jul-19 19:19:37

The veggie one is amazing. I got it for my birthday and there are so many easy and tasty recipes.

NotJustACigar Fri 05-Jul-19 19:25:47

I have the veggie one and love it. My favourite recipe is the orzo and tomatoes - it's so simple but the flavours are really surprisingly good. I'm thinking about getting the quick one, too.

Trills Fri 05-Jul-19 19:35:03

The one recipe that I don't recommend is the one on the cover - baked avocado is not my cup of tea.

The sweet potato peanut stew is great.

Sesame meatballs with red rice.

Harissa halloumi with brussel sprouts.

Trills Fri 05-Jul-19 19:36:42

Roasted gnocchi as well.

gothicsprout Fri 05-Jul-19 20:14:11

The veggie one and new quick one are both good too - although we made the broccoli/Gorgonzola tart and it was delicious but mega stinky...

There’s also another one due out later this year, Around the World themed I think.

AnnaMagnani Sat 06-Jul-19 15:54:36

I have the original one - it's amazing! I have a new job with a long commute and this book is a lifesaver. Chuck some stuff in a tin, takes max 10 minutes, sit down and then however many minutes later, yummy food grin

Without this book we would be living on ready meals and pizza.

Iamblossom Sun 07-Jul-19 15:26:50

I made the rice pudding, my kids loved it. The salmon with broccoli is really really good.

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iVampire Sun 07-Jul-19 15:44:03

I have that one and the green one.

They were recommended by the late and much missed WhatWouldLesleyKnopesDo

Fave recipe is the one with the fennel and chicken

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Jul-19 15:47:27

I've got the veggie one.

There's a cheese and shallot tart in there which is amazing, and a really delicious gad gad recipe. Other things I've made from it have been okay, but these two have been great.

Binglebong Sun 07-Jul-19 15:50:18

These look good but do they use lots of chilli? I can't eat it but find it in soooo many recipes at the moment.

FogCutter Sun 07-Jul-19 15:50:48

The green roasting tin (vegetarian one) is only £8.99 incl delivery at Book Depositary online which is far cheaper than I've seen it elsewhere.

TheCheeseAlarm Sun 07-Jul-19 15:51:06

I have the quick one. It's brilliant. Nigella recommended it on twitter. I think I might get the yellow one now.

orangeshoebox Sun 07-Jul-19 15:51:39

ohh, that looks good

Whitney168 Sun 07-Jul-19 15:57:53

Oh dear, I seem to have just ordered this.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Jul-19 16:07:51

'Gad gad' = gado gado btw!

Xiaoxiong Sun 07-Jul-19 16:17:57

I have the first one and the veggie one on kindle. It's great as I can just search for ingredients I've got lying around. I really like her recipes and the slicing levels are perfect for my DCs - I often double up on the garlic or spice for me and DH.

You can also assemble most of the recipes in the roasting tin in the morning without liquid (if any) and then add the liquid and stick in the oven when you get home.

Current favourite is the broccoli lemon walnut orzo from the first book. Just lush.

MeanMrMustardSeed Sun 07-Jul-19 16:23:04

Agghhhh - I have recently and categorically said I’m not buying any more recipe books after chucking out another 8 I’ve never used recently. But I flick through this every time I’m in a NT shop and now you’re making me want to buy it!

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