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Gluten free dairy free children’s birthday cake

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Tolleshunt Tue 02-Jul-19 11:41:39

I need to make a birthday cake for a gluten free, dairy free child.

Does anybody know a good recipe that results in something that seems close to a normal birthday cake? Maybe using the Dove’s Farm flour?

There are a few recipes online, but none of them are grabbing me, and I only have time for one trial run, so am hoping somebody may be able to steer me towards a good recipe.

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notatwork Tue 02-Jul-19 11:45:33

clementine cake

CMOTDibbler Tue 02-Jul-19 11:51:20

For GF, DF, then I'd do a victoria sponge with Doves Farm GF SR, df marg and buttercream made with a mix of df block marg and df marg (it has a much better texture than just soft marg imo).

If you can get it, and it is normally in the cake decorating section, use a teaspoonful of glycerine in the cake mixture, add a little extra milk for the correct 'plopping' consistency as normal (depends on the marg) and half a teaspoon of baking powder.

No one has ever noticed when I do a gf/df cake like this, and comment on how nice the cake is.

I like a clementine cake, but its no childrens birthday cake imo

MoreHairyThanScary Tue 02-Jul-19 12:13:29

We do a standard Victoria sponge mix ( 6oz fat/ flour and sugar and 3 eggs) using pure spread ( best tasting imo) and dove's farm flour but then add a generous slug of Madagascan vanilla essence.

Buttercream 50/50 with block marg and pure again with a good slug of the vanilla.

Ricekrispie22 Tue 02-Jul-19 16:17:33

This layer cake

Or if you’d rather go for chocolate, then this one I’ve also made this one with great success. It doesn’t require xantham gum like the first chocolate cake link, but I prefer the flavour of the first.

Tolleshunt Tue 02-Jul-19 19:46:54

Wow, so many great ideas, thanks so much!

I might give a Victoria sponge a whirl tomorrow, and use the ideas here. Though the chocolate one sounds great too.....

For decoration (for which I have no experience whatsoever...), I was thinking of doing either glacé icing or buttercream, and getting some cake decorations. Hopefully a group of 4 year olds won’t notice it’s amateur hour!

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Loyaultemelie Tue 02-Jul-19 20:20:46

Flora dairy free is great for baking and buttercream and just add a drop of oat milk if the doves farm makes the batter too thick (also a drop of Madagascan vanilla paste brings out the flavour)

FinallyHere Tue 02-Jul-19 20:39:25

Mmmm the clementine cake does it for me

ZazieTheCat Wed 03-Jul-19 07:48:49

These all work pretty well with gf flour.

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