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Luxury Picnic for outdoor music event

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whattheactualfuckery Tue 02-Jul-19 11:25:48

What luxury items of food would you pack for a picnic for 2, going to an outdoor music event. Both are meat eaters, will eat practically anything and travelling by train for over an hour.

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maxelly Tue 02-Jul-19 12:08:37

Ooh lovely, love a nice picnic. I would pack:

-Some really good bread, either a crispy french baguette or perhaps some sourdough (advantage of the french stick is you can tear it so don't need to take a bread knife)
-Some lightly salted high quality butter
-A really good ripe french cheese, or maybe 2 or 3 (if you don't mind bringing leftovers back) - providing you don't mind stinking the train out a little (can minimise this with good wrapping), or otherwise maybe some still nice but less smelly cheese!
-Some nice charcuterie - parma ham, salami, mortadella, whatever you like
-Some olives, sundried tomatos and those little peppers that come stuffed with cheese. Make sure they are wrapped tight so don't leak oil over the rest of the picnic!
-Perhaps a salad if I was feeling healthy, or maybe something like a couscous or pasta salad (esp if I had plates to eat off)
-Maybe some nice crisps
-Strawberries or other nice fruit for afters OR some patisserie e.g. strawberry tarts if I could transport them without them getting smushed
-A bottle of your favourite wine or other tipple!

HUZZAH212 Tue 02-Jul-19 12:34:30

M&S meat/cheese platter, they do 3 for 2 on olives, stuffed peppers, Thai prawns. Their fresh lemonade is lovely.

Mominatrix Tue 02-Jul-19 16:06:45

- bottle of champagne, well insulated and chilled
- Olive sourdough ficelle
- platter of charcuterie
- cheese biscuits
- seasoned nuts
- vegetable frittata
- cornichon
- selection of cheese
- roast veg salad
- fruit salad

Raera Tue 02-Jul-19 16:12:48

We had these last Friday at an outdoor event (Paul Weller)
Also quiche, home made potato salad and cherry tomatoes.
Bread and cheese and chilled wine in reusable plastic bottles.
We took a cool bag for goodies which was also big enough for jumpers and kags.
If it's an evening event, don't forget the midge repellent!
Most outdoor concerts don't allow glass containers or metal cutlery

whattheactualfuckery Tue 02-Jul-19 22:16:10

Great suggestions thanks

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Blondie1984 Wed 03-Jul-19 02:14:40

I love doing stuffed loaves of bread - I've done this one before and have also done an Italian version with ciabatta, salami, cheese, sundried tomato and roasted red peppers

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