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Fresh Yeast???

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agalch Fri 27-Jul-07 08:41:01

Does anyone know where my Dh would be able to buy fresh yeast? He needs it for making bread.


Carmenere Fri 27-Jul-07 08:43:12

top quality delis and whole food shops or ask at a bakery, sometimes they will sell you a bit

portonovo Fri 27-Jul-07 10:41:10

I get mine at Sainsburys. Big block for 99p.

agalch Sat 28-Jul-07 07:11:29

Thank you,we are miles away from a Sainsburys.Whereabouts in the store do you find it portonovo?

Thanks Carmenere will ask at our local bakery and source a good deli etc.

portonovo Sat 28-Jul-07 15:53:29

In Sainsburys you go to the bakery counter and ask for it.
I've heard some supermarkets give small quantities away, but I've never found one...

portonovo Sat 28-Jul-07 15:55:57

Forgot to say, if you're quite a way from Sainsburys, buy a block one time and then freeze it. It freezes really well and keeps for a year or more. I freeze mine in 1/2 oz cubes, then I can use either a small or large quantity depending on the recipe. I wrap each piece in baking parchment and put all the wrapped cubes in a freezer bag. You can then either defrost a cube or two or use them straight from frozen - just dissolve in your lukewarm liquid and then mix into the flour.

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