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Help with kids cooking comp recipe!

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FenceFuckery Mon 01-Jul-19 09:39:41

My 9yo has made it into the finals of a cooking competition - great for them, not so great for me who needs to help come up with recipes!

It’s a 30 minute cook time, no oven (2x burners only), but we can take equipment. Must include vegetables, so savoury really.

Last years winner made an artichoke, yam, almond soup with prawns, so the standards are high! Someone is making bao from scratch apparently,

We need two recipes, so need ideas! Initial idea is a soft taco - fried fish, lots of salad/slaw, home made mayo, herbs etc.

So something impressive, a bit technical, can be done in 30 mins ( we can pre prep some things), and no oven.


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APurpleSquirrel Mon 01-Jul-19 09:54:53

Taco's sound a great idea. Guacamole is easy to make, also Chipotle Mayo is really good - just add chipotle paste to mayo.

Maybe a stir-fry? We do this one and its under 30 mins and is really nice. Not sure how impressive it is though.

Other options could be fritata, a warm salad, pasta, hummus.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 01-Jul-19 14:42:18

Not being petty but surely if it’s a kids cooking contest then surely it should be the kids ideas?

If you do end up providing the inspiration how about a nicois salad with fresh tuna steak. I know it being a salad it could be seen as a bit of a cop out but when you think about t it has a fair bit of technical cookery. Perfectly cooked tuna and just hard boiled egg. Make a dressing. Chop leaves, blanch beans.

Alternatively could he make his own falafel with a jewelled cous cous and a simple salad with a tahini and yoghurt based dressing.

MollyHuaCha Mon 01-Jul-19 14:50:58

I think it's fine to give ideas. The children will do the actual cooking on the day.

By getting lots of ideas to choose between, the cook will extend skills in planning.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 01-Jul-19 17:00:54

Vegetable okonomiyaki (a type of pancake)

Indian potato stuffed flatbread

Courgette fritters

FenceFuckery Tue 02-Jul-19 03:28:19

I’m totally getting them to lead it - we just need some kick starter ideas. I can pretty much guarantee the kid who won last year didn’t come up with that dish on his own...

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whitebowls Tue 02-Jul-19 04:32:05

Download some Australia masterchef for recipe ideas. The latest season is season 11 so that'll give you some ideas of what is on trend food wise.
Good luck to your talented 9 year old.

Blondie1984 Tue 02-Jul-19 05:10:21


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