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Chicken stock

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SueW Thu 26-Jul-07 23:10:05

My homemade chicken stock has been bubbling away since about noon.

I've just realised I probably shouldn't leave it bubbling on the hob overnight but it's too hot too put in the fridge.

What do I do?

chocolatequeen Thu 26-Jul-07 23:14:20

Will be fine if you leave it out overnight. Often do the same thing. Tight lid or clingfilm, shove it in the fridge in the morning. If you want to be really safe, bring it to the boil again before you use it, but I´ve never bothered.

yum yum - love making stock!

SueW Thu 26-Jul-07 23:28:28


The lid must be pretty good because it's been bubbling away for almost 12 hours now and is only about one third lower in the pan. I am tempted to leave it simmering since I'll no doubt be up about 8am but don't want to take the risk of burning the house down whilst we sleep!

It smells delicious, even if I say so myself.

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