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Really stupid question - how much salt?

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username6778 Sun 30-Jun-19 12:32:18

Sorry if I sound really stupid I am not the best cook is probably an understatement. I know people have different tastes but how much salt do you add to your cooking. I know it depends completely on amount and what your cooking. So say a Bolognese sauce or a curry for a family of four? Or if you were making a fajita spice mix? If you don't make any happy for any other examples.
I always seem to get it wrong often I don't put enough in I think. I have started just putting stock cubes in a lot of my cooking which doesn't always make it taste how I want. Also I have been told they are loaded with salt and it's not healthy.

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JellyTeapot Sun 30-Jun-19 12:46:17

Unless my recipe said otherwise I'd probably chuck a pinch in if I thought it needed it. I often don't add any as DH doesn't like as much salt as I do plus I'm usually cooking for small children. The only way to tell is to taste it though - check the seasoning near the end of cooking. Always better to be cautious though, you can always add more at the table if you need to.

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