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Air fryer chips?

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Snog Fri 28-Jun-19 17:56:26

How good are air fryer chips?
I love chips but I don't want a deep fat fryer....are air fried chips good?

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BobTheFishermansWife Fri 28-Jun-19 17:58:32

Absolutely brilliant! Even gets sweet potato chips crispy which oven cooked fails to do.
You can put oven chips in there as well as cutting your own which is great!

Snog Fri 28-Jun-19 18:08:12

Do you spray the potatoes with oil, is that how it works?

And are the chips as nice as from a deep fat fryer?

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dementedpixie Fri 28-Jun-19 18:14:51

You pour a small amount of oil into the fryer with the chips. I like them and also like that they don't make a horrible smell like a deep fat fryer. If they are frozen oven chips you don't need extra oil.

BobTheFishermansWife Fri 28-Jun-19 19:58:51

Yep, as @dementedpixie said, just a small amount of oil, airfryers tend to come with a measuring scoop.

They're just as good yes, the Sainsburys own fries are just like McDonald's, it's great, they only take 25 minutes too.

Snog Fri 28-Jun-19 21:56:50

Wow, thank you - sounds like I need one in my life! Any recommended brands?

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Pinkyyy Fri 28-Jun-19 22:01:35

I bought this one from Argos last week. Made some fries in it and they were delicious. However I do need to get used to the cooking times. It suggested 18 mins for fries, I opened it after 8 to shake them up and they were nearly done and the top few were burned. I know I'm going to love it as soon as I get the hang of it.

Snog Sat 29-Jun-19 08:57:44

Thank you for the recommendation 😊

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gowgow Sat 29-Jun-19 19:08:21

I've got the Phillips Airfryer - just follow the instructions for perfect low-fat chips

Snog Sat 29-Jun-19 21:28:32

The Philips ones seem well over £100 - are they worth it?

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BobTheFishermansWife Sat 29-Jun-19 21:43:47

I have an actifry, parents have an aicook and in laws have a Phillips.
I've used all 3 and they are all really good.
Personally I prefer the actifry, but that's probably because it's the one I use most frequently.

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