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Tried and tested Kulfi recipe please, no cream or mango

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DontCallMeShitley Tue 25-Jun-19 16:10:54

I have looked at many recipes confused.

I want to make plain or pistachio kulfi, no fruit and I don't have cream.
I do have condensed and evap milk and many other things.

Please does anyone have a recipe that they use?

Also, what am I thinking of that contains ground rice and is frozen?

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Frondy Tue 25-Jun-19 16:19:55

The one I've made several times I've copied and pasted for you below. It just uses milk, no cream/condensed milk. It takes ages - you simmer it very, very slowly. However, it's just lovely. It develops a naturally caramelly taste. You probably won't want to spend so long faffing but I thought I'd give it anyway. If you have time to do it it's well worth it and the process can be quite meditative if you set aside the time.

How to make the perfect kulfi
(Makes 5 portions)
1.25l whole milk
75g demerara sugar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of saffron
Oil, to grease
40g pistachios, finely chopped

Put the milk in a wide saucepan or clean frying pan, and bring to the boil, ideally over a heat diffuser if you have one, stirring constantly. Note how full the pan is at this point.

Turn the heat down a bit and simmer gently until reduced to about a third of its original volume – about 415ml (ladle into a heatproof jug to check), stirring regularly and scraping down the sides of the pan towards the end. Beware, this will take about 4 hours, so make sure you have a stool, and something good to read or watch, near the hob.

Stir in the sugar, salt and saffron, and simmer for another 5 minutes. Allow to cool.

Grease kulfi moulds, if you have them, and sprinkle with chopped pistachios. Stir the remainder into the mixture and add to the moulds. If you don’t have them, stir most of the nuts into the mixture and pour into a freezer-proof container, keeping back a spoonful of nuts as garnish.

Freeze for at least 6 hours. To release, take out of the freezer about 5 minutes before you want to serve and dip the moulds, if using, briefly in hot water.

DontCallMeShitley Tue 25-Jun-19 17:43:52

Thank you Frondy, it looks lovely, when I have plenty of time I will give it a try.

I still need to find a use for the cans of various milks I have though.

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