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Which stand mixer

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whethertheweather Tue 25-Jun-19 10:39:21

I've got a big birthday coming and fancy a new stand mixer. John Lewis have offers on both a Kenwood Kmix and a KitchenAid Artisan .

Any opinions on which? I'm not particularly bothered about colour and I'm just an average home baker.

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TeaAndTrifle Thu 27-Jun-19 18:35:52

I've got a Kitchenaid Artisan and I love mine..but it's always been my dream to have one in my kitchen. I know plenty of people who have bought the (often much cheaper!) Kenwood Chef and have been very impressed. From speaking to them I think they both do the same job really well/not any difference but I admit it was also more of an aesthetic choice for me! I had my heart set one.

DeRigueurMortis Thu 27-Jun-19 18:49:50

I have a Kitchen Aid.

Love it.

However it's really a brand/aesthetic choice.

I think the KA has more attachments - but as a stand mixer in its own right I honestly don't think it's better then the Kenwood my DM has.

So it might be worth thinking about how you plan to use it and which attachments you might want in the future and considering you could buy the Kenwood and some attachments for the same price as the KA?

Other than that it is simply a case of can you/ want to justify the extra cost on the KA?

whethertheweather Fri 28-Jun-19 09:47:47

Thanks so much.

I went into JL to have a look in real life and have ended up choosing the Kenwood as it's slightly smaller and lighter, I was never going to need all the various KA attachments and the thought of saving £200 made me feel slightly better about the indulgence. Chose the bright red colour to cheer me up.

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DeRigueurMortis Fri 28-Jun-19 14:09:17

Sounds lovely!

Enjoy your baking grin

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