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good food links for my 13 month dd??

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shazzaronnie Wed 25-Jul-07 23:27:11

any one have any good links for idea's to give my dd in finger foods and meals ??? running out of ideas!

Elasticwoman Thu 26-Jul-07 14:11:19

What finger foods do you already give her?
Have you read the Annabel Karmel books?

Jojay Thu 26-Jul-07 14:15:14

I don't know how to do that clever linky thing, but there's a thread in the weaning topic called

A list of delish and easy finger food for 6 mth +

It's dated 8th July and might be worth a look

shazzaronnie Sun 29-Jul-07 12:15:36

dd eats most fruits, sandwiches, biscuits savory eggs sausage rolls things like that really but want some more idea's
haven't read the book is it a gd one to get

FrannyandZooey Sun 29-Jul-07 12:20:37

loads of ideas here

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