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I've just had my first ever Custard doughnut

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ilovepinkgin33 Sun 23-Jun-19 17:09:55

Well what was left of DS3s anyway.......but then in because the kids love them...never taken my fancy, not as bad as I thought they would be but have to say I prefer the raspberry filling

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RevealTheLegend Sun 23-Jun-19 17:26:53

Like biting into a boil...

nothingtowearever Sun 23-Jun-19 17:44:03

Custard doughnuts are the best!

Mac47 Mon 24-Jun-19 07:17:16

Vanilla custard doughnuts with honeycomb from Bread Ahead in Borough market are amazing!! Though first time I ever had a custard doughnuts was in Majorca, possibly an old square in the capital, when I was little, early 1980s and they were freshly made and just like nothing I had ever eaten.

BogglesGoggles Mon 24-Jun-19 07:19:12

I remember my first one. DH presented me with a ‘doughnut’ with no hole which was surprising enough-surely that’s just a bun? And then there was custard of all things inside it. Not terrible but very confusing.

Charm23 Mon 24-Jun-19 07:33:14

Eww cold custard. I'll stick to jam!

ChihuahuaMummy1 Mon 24-Jun-19 09:20:01

They are foul! Give me raspberry jam anyday

Sakura7 Mon 24-Jun-19 09:22:01

I love custard but it has to be warm, so jam donuts for me.

SkydivingKittyCat Mon 24-Jun-19 09:25:06

Morrisons bakery do the best easily accessible doughnuts. I've been known to push old ladies out the way for the last pack of salted caramel ones 😍

namechangedforthis1980 Mon 24-Jun-19 17:33:11

Doughnuts...... shock

SkydivingKittyCat Mon 24-Jun-19 22:00:32

They're something stupid like £1 for 5. Is it any wonder I'm fat?!

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