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Crane cake topper or toy to fit on top of birthday cake ? Help

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thesunisoutatlast Fri 21-Jun-19 11:12:57

My son wants a crane cake for his birthday. I can make a building site, but I think trying to make a crane might be too much trouble. Can anyone suggest one suitable for the top? Looking on amazon toys they are either wooden so a bit heavy or massive meter high remote control things ! Help please

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Knittedfairies Fri 21-Jun-19 11:23:36

Something like this?

thesunisoutatlast Fri 21-Jun-19 11:45:31

@Knittedfairies I was thinking something 3D, but your idea is something I hadn't really thought of and would be nice to have his name 🤔

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Falafel19 Sun 23-Jun-19 13:18:38

Just buy any little crane toy that will fit on top, you can dowel the cake to support it.

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