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Shortbread undercooked, can I put in oven again?

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Unusualllly Fri 21-Jun-19 07:24:59

My shortbread has come out soft. I thought it would harden once cooled, but no. Would it burn or ruin them to put them back in the oven today?
Thank you wise bakers!

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Unusualllly Fri 21-Jun-19 11:39:00

Anyone??! I don't want to bin them...

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ilovewinterpansies Fri 21-Jun-19 11:44:58

Sounds like you have nothing to lose if they're no good as they are, so you might as well try!

Will be interested in the result...keep us posted!

SingingLily Fri 21-Jun-19 11:49:15

Biscuit actually means "twice cooked", so on that basis, I'd say yes. As PP says, you have nothing to lose.

Unusualllly Fri 21-Jun-19 13:06:55

Oven going on!!!

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SingingLily Fri 21-Jun-19 14:09:34

Did it work?

ZazieTheCat Fri 21-Jun-19 14:09:37


Unusualllly Fri 21-Jun-19 16:08:36

Yes, it worked! Good to know in future. Nice crunch to them now.

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SingingLily Fri 21-Jun-19 16:16:28

Well done! They look delicious.

Mintypea5 Fri 21-Jun-19 16:20:43

They look great! What recipe did you use! thanks

Unusualllly Fri 21-Jun-19 16:59:19

175g Stork
85g golden caster sugar
200g plain flour
(2tbsp hot chocolate powder as I didn't have any Coco powder in)

Oven for 15 min was not enough!! Needed another 11 today!

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