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Trying to remember an American recipe

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GrannyHaddock Tue 18-Jun-19 12:40:16

Thanks, I might give that recipe a try.

pineapplebryanbrown Tue 18-Jun-19 00:03:41

I thought navy beans and haricot beans were the same but I seem to remember great northern beans being bigger, almost the size of butter beans.

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Expressedways Mon 17-Jun-19 23:57:51

They’re also known as navy beans, or I think in the UK maybe haricot beans?

pineapplebryanbrown Mon 17-Jun-19 23:53:46

I'm not sure, I think cannellini beans are the closest. Tempted to make it with butter beans.

I remember I had a Jaycee's cookbook. It was brilliant with so many shortcuts in it.

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GrannyHaddock Mon 17-Jun-19 21:37:38

Which UK beans are the most similar?

pineapplebryanbrown Mon 17-Jun-19 15:56:47

Yes! That's it exactly! Thanks so much, that was really bugging me.

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Xiaoxiong Mon 17-Jun-19 15:26:19

Great Northern Beans?

pineapplebryanbrown Mon 17-Jun-19 15:17:28

I lived for a time in the rural Midwest and I'm trying to remember and translate (for UK) a dish.

It was ham and beans but not Boston or BBQ beans. It was very plain, maybe German. There wasn't much colour to it. Were they butter beans, pinto beans, was it a hock or ham pieces? I've looked online and can't see a replica.

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