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What's your 5 a Day?

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Newmum26 Mon 17-Jun-19 12:44:43

What are your 5 a Day for your little ones?

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Swifey40 Mon 17-Jun-19 12:47:50

Apple, raw carrot, cucumber, strawberries, and peas. Pretty much every day. They have other things too, but those are staples! 😄

bwydda Tue 18-Jun-19 07:40:36

Juice (don't lynch me! A small cup at breakfast is fine in my opinion) and an apple/ banana/ avocado with toast for breakfast (so 2 of 5)

Snack in school - fruit / sliced red pepper (3 of 5)

Lunch- Sandwich with carrots, cucumber and hummus or a flask of soup (4/5 of five)

Dinner will always have at least three veg not including potatoes, so tonight was sausage and bean casserole, tomorrow will be roast veg lasagne with salad. Berries and yoghurt for dessert.

I aim to get 10 different fruit/ veg in a day as per the latest recommendation, but actually only get 7 or 8 and probably not the full quantity recommended (80g a portion I think) and my eldest only gets the veg as he won't touch fruit at all. I think as long as we're offering a full range of variety and nutrition we shouldn't worry too much.

Xiaoxiong Tue 18-Jun-19 11:33:37

None at breakfast (porridge/cereal 99% of the time)

Fruit at morning and afternoon break at school (2/5)

Some kind of veg at lunch at school - or so I am assured! (1/5)

I am for fruit or cut up veg for a snack and 2 portions at dinner so that covers if they haven't had enough at school that day.

Xiaoxiong Tue 18-Jun-19 11:40:29

And to get in those 2 portions at dinner, I replace anything where they would otherwise have chips (eg a burger, chicken, fish fingers) with sliced cucumber/pepper/carrot/tomato, or I cook veg into their meals so unavoidable.

Tortellini (Spinach and ricotta, pumpkin and pine nut, etc)
Sausage broccoli pasta
Roast cherry tomatoes with pasta
An Annabelle Karmel veggie pasta that I think she calls "confetti pasta" from the weaning cookbook that my kids still love
Sausage, beans and kale stew
Veggie lasagne
Courgette fritters/pancakes
Spinach crepes filled with cheese and ham
Carrot veggie burgers
Tofu "chips" with ketchup
Beef and bean pasta from the feeding children chapter of Nigella's how to eat

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