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Easy meals, help please!

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GinGeum Mon 17-Jun-19 11:26:11

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and have a 5mo DC. DH normally does most of the cooking as he enjoys it and I do not, but he gets in from work very late and I’m just too tired to wait for him now.

Can I have some ideas for easy mid week meals? Preferably ones that would suit a weaning baby too soon!

I am too tired to think and too tired to stand at the hob for too long grin

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Snog Fri 28-Jun-19 18:17:29

Try Simply Cook recipe boxes

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 29-Jun-19 23:10:18

Gosh I admire the effort in your situation.
I’d go simple and cheat where possible. Thinks like pre chopped veg and frozen rice sachets.
Things like baked salmon fillets with chilli and spring onions or cod topped with mango chutney (obviously just go with the plain fish for the baby) with broccoli and rice or cous cous.
Butterflied Grilled paprika chicken breast with salad.
Ready made falafel in pitas.
Stir fry with omelette strips or cashews and rice noodles. (Buy veg ready done)
Fresh pasta with cherry tomatoes, chilli and bacon.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 29-Jun-19 23:13:20

Also baked sweet potato with a cold topping, coleslaw, tuna sweetcorn etc v minimal effort.

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