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Reheated rice in food flask?

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TheOrigFV45 Wed 12-Jun-19 21:58:28

Made a lamb curry with rice this evening. There's enough left for DS to take for lunch in a food flask.
I put the rice in the fridge ASAP.

If I mix it up and heat to boiling before putting in pre-heated flask do you think it would be ok?

Or best to bin the rice and give him naan?

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SeaToSki Thu 13-Jun-19 01:24:51

If you chilled it straight away and he is having it the next day and you heat it really well and pre heat the flask with boiling water, then yes. BUT rice is always a risk re eating as it can contain botulism which isnt killed by heat

cheeseislife8 Thu 13-Jun-19 01:43:06

I've heard this, but I reheat rice dishes all the time. As long as you chill it straight away and don't leave it at room temp it's always been ok for me!

jollyohh Thu 13-Jun-19 03:13:08

Bin the rice and give him the nann. Unless it stays above 63 degrees it's a no.

I've not idea how hit stuff stays in a full of flask but rice is the biggest cause of food poisoning.

SnowsInWater Thu 13-Jun-19 05:26:09

My kids take curry and rice in flasks for lunch all the time. There has never been an issue.

IAmAlwaysLikeThis Thu 13-Jun-19 05:32:47

My husband is Asian (east) and the reheating of rice/leaving rice in a rice cooker for the whole day and eating for breakfast lunch and dinner/leaving rice out overnight then eating for breakfast would make you think the entire country is dying of food poisoning on a regular basis, but people seem to do ok. I do feel there's a higher incidence of people with upset stomachs but nothing to write home about tbh.

I have become more lax and my husband more strict but I don't think it's that big a deal, compared to what I used to feel like. I just heat things really thoroughly (although the 12 hour old, kept lukewarm all day rice does still worry me.)

TheOrigFV45 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:29:34

Thanks. I've binned the rice and added some veggies to the curry as I re-heat to bulk it out. Plus naan.

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