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Bought an MR Fastbake - but all going wrong.

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Krida Wed 12-Jun-19 17:28:36

Help. I bought a Morphy Richards Fastbake for a fiver. One very excited family. First loaf was wholemeal - turned out okay but just did not rise or take shape in any form. Was edible though so I assumed measurements were off. Found recipe on internet. Next tried white - found an MN recipe. Went completely wrong! It didn't even knead into dough although all beeps and timer seemed to be working as expected. I'm confused! Also someone tell me how to change the program - press the program button repeatedly? :-(

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Knittedfairies Wed 12-Jun-19 17:50:41

Manual here. I've got the same model, but only use it on the dough setting. I found baking in the oven gave a much better loaf.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Wed 12-Jun-19 17:55:17

I'd start with a ready mix, Wright's do good ones, they should work properly and let you know what to expect. Then start with recipes.

Krida Fri 14-Jun-19 16:36:22

@Knittedfairies ooohhh interesting. How do you turn it to dough setting?

@Myimaginarycathasfleas Thanks. I don't think I've even seen ready mixes for bread. I've just been baking in the oven but thought this would help expand my repertoire. Obvs not so far :-.

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Xiaoxiong Fri 14-Jun-19 17:55:33

I also have the same model and also only use it for dough! I just use a normal bread recipe, and layer it into the bucket starting with the liquids and then the dry ingredients on top. Then I set it to programme number 8 which does all the mixing, kneading and rising for me. Then I turn it out into a greased worktop, flatten and shape it into a rectangle, roll it up into a loaf shape and drop into a loaf tin and let rise for 30 mins while the oven heats and bake in the tin.

My kitchen is usually freezing so the bread maker is the perfect temp for kneading and proofing the dough. I've even made sourdough in it using the dough setting.

Knittedfairies Fri 14-Jun-19 18:58:01

Exactly as Xiaoxiong says; press the menu button until the dough programme (8) appears in the window.

rosie39forever Sun 16-Jun-19 09:42:35

Add a teaspoon of doves farm vitamin c powder to your flour and you will get a much better rise also the fast bake is not a very good bread machine, if you're going to get one in the future Panasonic are 100% better as they have a much longer rest and prove.

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