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Gadgets/hacks to cut down food prep time

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LondonMum34 Wed 12-Jun-19 11:25:27

Hi lovely people

I am new to mumsnet and wanted to know if anyone is willing to share hacks to reduce lunch/dinner prep time. I'm seriously struggling to shift weight also so tips here would be great

Thanks xx

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keely79 Wed 12-Jun-19 11:44:48

Chop a load of onions/garlic/carrots/celery/spring onions/herbs at once and freeze in separate bags in the freezer - then you can just use the necessary quantity when cooking during the week as base for recipes. You can also buy pre-chopped frozen ingredients like this but it is cheaper to do your own.

Batch cook things like tomato sauce at weekends and again freeze in smaller quantities - can then be used as base for meat sauces, pasta bakes, casseroles, etc.

Get a slow cooker - chuck in ingredients at the start of the day and then is all ready and waiting for you at end.

Lunch ideas - look at jar based soups - you stack jars with fresh veg, noodles, miso etc and then add hot water when ready to eat. Also - when cooking night before, make slightly larger quantities and eat leftovers for lunch next day if you have access to microwave.

TheSandgroper Thu 13-Jun-19 02:12:35

Re the chopped vege base above, do it in the food processor. It just requires a rinse out at the end.

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