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raw eggs?

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sleepy78 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:01:23

I don't know if this is the right place to ask...
I just tried a new recipe - fruit timarisu with strawberries... it all seemed to go well but then I realised that the eggs I used were not the fresh ones that we bought this morning, but a box that go out of date tomorrow.
Also, the recipe says to leave overnight in the fridge, so I did so. But now I've read that you are supposed to eat dishes with raw egg as soon as possible.
So... I'm a bit scared that I'm going to poison my guests tomorrow.

Do you think they're safe to eat?

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Blondie1984 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:42:19

Should be fine - eggs are actually ok beyond their use by date and as long as they were lion stamped and you are storing your tiramisu properly (ie in the fridge) you should be fine

sleepy78 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:44:16

Thanks so much Blondie1984
The only thing is I'm in France so I don't think they'll be lion stamped. They are definitely in the fridge though...

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sleepy78 Sun 09-Jun-19 19:31:19

Sorry I should have said Blondie1984

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Blondie1984 Mon 10-Jun-19 02:28:10

I'm sure they will still be fine @sleepy78 - if they were "off" then you would have smelled it or seen evidence of it when you cracked them - I'm sure your tiramisu will be delicious and your guests will enjoy every mouthful

sleepy78 Mon 10-Jun-19 07:33:13


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Blondie1984 Tue 11-Jun-19 01:57:45

@sleepy78 how did it go?

sleepy78 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:06:08

Hi Blondie1984
Thanks for following! So 5 people ate my dessèrt and said it was delicious! And no-one died!!
It was a good recipe actually.. I might even do it again!

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waterandmilk Tue 11-Jun-19 07:40:58

I would have made sure none of the guests were or could be pregnant though.

catinboots99 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:55:29

Could you share the recipe with us? smile

sleepy78 Tue 11-Jun-19 08:21:21

waterandmilk I told them all what was in the recipe and there were 2 alternative desserts to choose from! And there was no chance of

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waterandmilk Tue 11-Jun-19 08:22:58

smile you are a good host OP smile

sleepy78 Tue 11-Jun-19 09:28:06

waterandmilk more like an anxious host but you made my day anyway smile

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Blondie1984 Wed 12-Jun-19 02:29:20

@sleepy78 really pleased that it went well - not that I had any doubts - and 5 people having it is quite a triumph! It sounds like you not only took very good care of your guests but you sent them away with happy tummies!
I hope you managed to enjoy your evening despite the anxiety

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