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Any simple RECIPE for SCALLOPS

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drosophila Mon 23-Jul-07 16:31:28

I bought some frozen ones yesterday (on offer) and am wondering how to cook them.

Any ideas?

TootyFrooty Mon 23-Jul-07 16:32:25

Shallow fry them with some pancetta. Serve with a rocket salad. Yum.

CountessDracula Mon 23-Jul-07 16:34:15

Well defrost them
pan fry them for a short time each side

make a sauce to go with
eg zizz up some lime juice/zest, ginger, olive oil and serve with it

drosophila Mon 23-Jul-07 16:40:21

Good got limes etc. It says on pack best cooked from frozen. Any idea why ?

I have a recipie for mango salsa - Limes, onion, chillie and a couple of other bits. Would that work with them?

MaloryTowers Mon 23-Jul-07 16:42:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TootyFrooty Mon 23-Jul-07 16:42:48

The waitrose frozen ones I buy say they must be cooked from frozen and in fact I find ones you cook from frozen taste better than fresh. Bizarrely. Perhaps it's because the frozen ones have been frozen quickly after being caught whereas the fresh one have been sitting around for a few days.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 16:44:43

They go really nicely with black pudding and a minted pea puree.

RosaLuxembourg Thu 26-Jul-07 15:50:37

I did some the other night - made a leek risotto, fried the scallops and popped them on top - delicious.

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