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Healthy/weight loss meal inspiration pls!

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Blossom4538 Sun 02-Jun-19 22:36:08

Hi all,

So I need to have a health kick and would also like to lose a few lbs. I’m just after some meal/snack ideas pls?!

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Blondie1984 Mon 03-Jun-19 02:23:44

For snacks I try to go for things which are a mix of protein and produce - examples being

0% fat Greek yoghurt/Skyr/Quark with berries
An apple & a Babybel
Laughing Cow on Ryvita with cucumber
Hummus & crudites
A handful of nuts and an apple
Cold meat/prawns/hard boiled egg with oatcakes or some sort of veg
Cottage cheese

But if I want something a bit more of a treat (like in the evening) then popcorn, one of those small bars of chocolate, light hot chocolate, a small bowl of cereal with milk or a little bit of cereal sprinkled over some yoghurt....

Blondie1984 Mon 03-Jun-19 02:25:52

What sort of meals/snacks are you having at the moment? That might help us know what sorts of things to suggest...

Something else that's really important is making sure you're having sensible portion sizes -it's really easy to go overboard on things like cereal, cheese, pasta, rice, spreads etc

Blossom4538 Mon 03-Jun-19 09:38:22

Thank you!

I tend to have meat and veg, stir fries, salads etc when on a diet, but just a little bored with the same old!

I don’t eat fish

Dd is a crazy fussy eater and adores carbs, but will eat fruit and some salad.

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Blondie1984 Tue 04-Jun-19 02:19:05

Why not have a look at the BBC Good Food website - you can filter it to look at recipes that are healthier and it might help give you some inspiration

Another good one to look at is the Healthy Food Guide magazine - either pick up and copy or look at the website

Something I find makes a big difference is using herbs and spices - can really help to make things more interesting - my favourites are cumin, smoked paprika, garam masala, sumac then thyme, rosemary, basil and mint as well as garlic

Ricekrispie22 Tue 04-Jun-19 07:08:39

If you’re bored of meat and veg, and your DH loves carbs, try these
Stir fry

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