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KFC / fried chicken recipe

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AliceRR Sat 01-Jun-19 23:59:22

I have always wanted to be able to make a KFC / southern fried chicken style chicken at home.

I don’t have KFC often but, when I do, I do like the Zinger burger.

A recipe for “Zinger” style flavouring would be good too but any nice fried chicken recipe would be great.

I’d be happy to buy some kind of mix of make it from scratch (preferably the latter)

I also love KFC gravy 🙈

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AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 02-Jun-19 00:04:56

I've been on the hunt for a recipe that tastes the faintest bit like KFC gravy for years, but none of them do. I have no idea what they put in it but it tastes like heaven!

AliceRR Sun 02-Jun-19 00:12:52

It seems to have pepper in it but that’s all I know 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Blondie1984 Sun 02-Jun-19 02:09:12

If you want KFC style chicken the maybe have a look at this

Freudianslip1 Sun 02-Jun-19 02:16:11

I've tried various homemade KFC recipes and nothing is similar. Remember that it is pre-fried, frozen and then re-fried in an industrial fryer that gets to temps that cannot be consistently achieved at home. I had a friend who worked in KFC years ago who said the gravy is granules and they make it up with fat that drips off the cooked chicken.

SkintAsASkintThing Sun 02-Jun-19 02:21:52

Aldi chicken gravy (( with added chicken panscrapings and black pepper )) tastes exactly like KFC gravy to me. And I know my KFC.

Clankboing Sun 02-Jun-19 03:09:39

Something similar that I used to make ages ago: chicken breasts dipped in egg then coated in a mix of flour and Paco sage and onion stuffing. Then put them in a casserole bowl with onion gravy over. Cook them in oven for ages (an hour and half?) and I know it doesn't sound it but it was lovely.

AliceRR Sun 02-Jun-19 07:16:14

@Blondie1984 Thanks. Have you tried that recipe? There are so many recipes for it online but I’ll give it a go.

I've tried various homemade KFC recipes and nothing is similar

I didn’t think it would be identical but thought it would be possible to male something similar.

Aldi chicken gravy (( with added chicken panscrapings and black pepper )) tastes exactly like KFC gravy to me

Hmmm maybe need to go to Aldi!

@Clankboing That sounds interesting. I suppose it’ll taste like roast chicken and stuffing which if probably like

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MustardScreams Sun 02-Jun-19 07:39:24

Not to blow my own trumpet, but I make the best fried chicken!

I use boneless, skinless thighs as they withstand the high frying temp and don’t dry out. The skin doesn’t crisp under the flour, so it’s best not to have it. You still get that glorious crust.

1x pot of buttermilk
Crushed garlic

Mix all the ingredients and put chicken in for at least 3 hours, ideally overnight.


Plain flour
Smoked paprika
Garlic granules

You can add more spices to this if you wish, but this is a good base flavour. I add about a big tablespoon of each spice to a bowl of flour.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees and a large pot of oil/fryer to 180.

Take chicken out of marinade and dip into flour mixture, knocking off excess. Repeat again for each piece.

Pop a bit of bread into the oil - if it bubbles gently and floats the oil is ready. Put 3/4 pieces of chicken in depending on size. Fry for around 10 mins or until crust is set and golden brown. Put cooked chicken into the oven on a rack set over a baking tray and continue frying the rest. As soon as you have finished frying the whole batch, serve! So good.

AliceRR Sun 02-Jun-19 07:46:34

Thanks @MustardScreams that sounds fantastic. Do you use egg before dipping into the dry mixture?

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LutherRalph1 Sun 02-Jun-19 07:49:44

Dunns River do a powder which I think you can get in tesco which is the closest thing I've found to kfc

MustardScreams Sun 02-Jun-19 07:52:16

Nope, the buttermilk marinade will make sure the flour sticks.

SuchAToDo Sun 02-Jun-19 07:57:49

I found this with a quick Google, the recipe is in it

LazyDaisey Sun 02-Jun-19 08:12:56

Funny that the daily mail lifted the story straight out of another newspaper and omitted the MSG flavour enhancer.,amp.html

MsSquiz Sun 02-Jun-19 08:26:21

@AnchorDownDeepBreath there's a powdered southern style chicken gravy (comes in a plastic Tupperware type package) from B&M that apparently tastes exactly like KFC gravy.
DH once randomly picked it up and he swears that it tastes the same, but I've never tried it.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 02-Jun-19 14:19:06

I have the B&M gravy here, it's religious

Gotthetshirt23 Sun 02-Jun-19 16:36:57

Southern style gravy as mentioned before - it's delicious

AliceRR Sun 02-Jun-19 22:11:55

Thanks you - a few recipients to try there

And will need to get yo aldi or B&M for the gravy!

Had KFC today actually and didn’t enjoy it 🤷🏻‍♀️

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