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Roll up Roll up all you meal planners

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jenk1 Sat 21-Jul-07 14:29:59

yes its that time of week again

This week we are having:

Roast Beef and Yorshire puds and everything else

Beef and Salad and jacket spuds

Fish in parsley,boiled potatoes,cabbage and carrots

Chicken something, havent decided yet, crusty bread and veg

Jacket Potatoes, and fillings

Shepherds pie with green beans

Pretty boring this week, not feeling at all adventurous.

nutcracker Sat 21-Jul-07 14:33:15

Saturday - Pizza and salad

Sunday - Roast chicken, roast pots, mash and mixed veg

Monday - Lasagne, wedges and corn on cob

Tuesday - Salmon, new pots and green beans

Wednesday - Cheesy mash, chicken and beans

Thursday - Vegetable pasta

Thats as far as I have got

jenk1 Sat 21-Jul-07 14:49:25

umm i like the sound of cheesy mash chicken and beans, think that would go down a treat in our house.

nutcracker Sat 21-Jul-07 15:10:23

It does in ours Jenk, clean plates all round

jenk1 Sun 22-Jul-07 11:40:26

only 2 meal planners this week?

black mark in the register for the rest of you.

Mrs JEnk looks sternly around.....

Enid Sun 22-Jul-07 11:41:13

what about the rest of the meals?

all you meal planners seem to eat supper only

jenk1 Sun 22-Jul-07 12:30:33

oh thats easy in our house.

Breakfast consists of cereal or toast.

Dinner is a sandwich and soup, or an omlette.

BlondBombshell Sun 22-Jul-07 13:43:05

I don't know if you will find this helpful but I've been using to do my shopping lists for over a year - it really only takes a couple of minutes each week and when we lost our internet for a few days recently I really noticed the difference.

DrNortherner Sun 22-Jul-07 14:10:33

Sunday - Roast beef and all trimmings
Mon - Chinese
Tues - Jacket pots and tuna with salad
Weds - lamb meetballs with spaghetti
THurs - Warm salad with chorizo and sauted new pots
Fri - sauage, mash and veg
Sat - Spanish omelette

jenk1 Sun 22-Jul-07 14:22:42

Dr Northerner Tick

Toady Sun 22-Jul-07 22:19:24

Tonight we had Roast Lamb

so ...

Monday lamb curry

Tuesday salmon, new potatoes, salad or veg

Wednesday lasagne

Thursday noodles or rice (chinese) with spring rolls

Friday fish and chips

Saturday probably pizza

jenk1 Mon 23-Jul-07 10:58:06

Toady Tick

you can have a gold star for making 2 meals from one ingredient.

The class is very empty today, im thinking they,ve all wagged it and gone off on holiday.

collision Mon 23-Jul-07 11:01:42

Last night we had chicken curry and wholegrain rice. All low fat as I am doing WW (DH cooked)

Tonight will be pasta with chickpeas and salad.

Tues - Spanish omelette and vegetables

Wed- Sausage Casserole and pots and veg

Thurs - mushroom risotto

Fri- Spag Bol

Sat - chicken with pots and veg in a sauce I havent thought about yet.

jenk1 Mon 23-Jul-07 11:15:01

collision Tick

yaddayah Mon 23-Jul-07 11:17:32

Can I join you ?
Mines a bit dull so interested in your ideas

Cold meat (leftovers) salad and jacket potatoes

Spag Bol

Pork chops, veg, roast potatoes and gravy

Sausage and mash, onion gravy, baked beans

Roasted salmon with mash sweetcorn and peas

At a BBQ so bbq and too much wine

Roast chicken and all trimmings

Leander Mon 23-Jul-07 11:23:37

This is my first week of meal planning, my freezer is full and i need to start using th stuff in it instead of buying more.
Monday Pork steaks, jacket spud, veg(broccoli and Cauli)
tuesday meatballs (homemade) tomato sauce and pasta
Wenesday Homemade fish pie, veg
Thursday Chinese chicken thighs noodles
Friday Steak fajitas
Saturday s/sour
pork fried rice

We will see how i get on

MegaLegilimens Mon 23-Jul-07 11:25:25

I have a four week plan, back to week one this week and we are having

Mon- Grodon Rmasey pork with courgette and a tomato salad.

Tues - Easy baked plaice with goats cheese and roasted veg

Weds - chicken Paprika with veg and new pots

Thurs - Sausage and Bena hot pot with cheesey mash

Fri - Fish fingers, chips and peas for kids. DH and I have a take away (my day off from cooking)

Sat - Spag bol, green bean and tomato salad.

Sun - Roast or BBQ depends on weather and whats in freezer.

Do I get a gold star for all veg being homegrown and all the pork and chicken being home reared? <<preen>>

Leander Mon 23-Jul-07 11:26:34

Show off

MegaLegilimens Mon 23-Jul-07 11:29:27

I know I am going to get stick aren't I (that Mega what a bloody ponce)?

portonovo Mon 23-Jul-07 13:15:32

I'm just jealous about the home-reared pork - we've just started rearing our own meat birds recently (had chickens for eggs for a year or so now). Meat bird no. 6 met his end last night, so he's on the menu tomorrow. Can't wait, they taste so great!

MuffinMclay Mon 23-Jul-07 13:59:02

Home-made chicken and ham pie, potatoes, green beans

Spinach & Ricotta pasta

Sausages, mash, peas - lowest common denominator mass catering for nieces and nephews

Stir fry involving chicken, peppers, nooddles

Only got that far. Shopping again on Friday.

jenk1 Mon 23-Jul-07 16:48:53

Ah here you all are.

Mega you can have a merit for using all home grown veg and home reared meat.

yaddayah yours isnt dull at all, it would go down a storm in our house.

Leander welcome to meal planning, you will never be the same again!!!! honestly i dont know how i coped before MP.

auntyspan Mon 23-Jul-07 17:17:24

Cool!! Glad I found this, running out of ideas!

Monday - Smoked bacon & asparagus risotto
Tuesday - Chicken, pesto & pasta
Wednesday - cod, pots & veg
Thursday - pizza & salad
Friday - sausage & colcannon mash
Saturday - usually takeaway
Friday - Roast chicken etc etc

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