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What I can eat

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Amykatie123 Fri 24-May-19 15:51:44

What food have everyone ate through there pregnancy I'm very anxious just invade I eat the wrong things

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dementedpixie Fri 24-May-19 15:53:52

nic01234 Fri 24-May-19 16:17:31

Hi @Amykatie123 don't stress too much about it, I've found I haven't needed to alter my diet too much.

A PP has already provided the NHS guidance so I won't bother listing out the foods to avoid.

The thing I found comforting was that with most of the foods to avoid, it's just because the food is more likely to contain harmful bacteria. But that doesn't mean it will be harmful! So if you accidentally eat something on the 'avoid' list but feel fine afterwards, then you shouldn't need to worry. Just try and avoid them when you can, to be safe.

There are very few foods you need to totally avoid because they are 'dangerous'. Fish that's high in mercury is basically the only one.

dementedpixie Fri 24-May-19 16:34:45

And liver/pate due to vitamin A.

nic01234 Sat 25-May-19 17:59:10

Ah yes @dementedpixie I forgot about liver (because I don't eat it even when not pregnant)

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