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Can you freeze muffins - if so how do you defrost

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Tapster Fri 20-Jul-07 13:48:00

Can you freeze muffins? Do I freeze the mixture before cooking or once cooked? How long do I need to defrost them (hopefully microwave) to heat them up?

Thinking of cooking my DD some sugar free muffins - so she might eat something other than toast for breakfast.

sweetcherrypie Fri 20-Jul-07 13:52:15

I imagine you freeze them once made and defrost like you would anything else by taking them out the freezer and leaving them out until they are defrosted.

Oblomov Fri 20-Jul-07 14:04:06

Make them. Let them cool. Then freeze them. Get them out maybe the night before if you want them for breakfast. My mum does this with scones and muffins and they are lur-ver-ly

MamaG Fri 20-Jul-07 14:05:32

i regularly give my DC mufins for breakfast, they love them

HedTwigg Fri 20-Jul-07 14:06:20

sugar-free? what are you planning on replacing the sugar with?

nomdeplume Fri 20-Jul-07 14:06:43

You can defrost in the microwave, just make sure the power is on nice and low.

MamaG Fri 20-Jul-07 14:08:01

I would guess honey, wig, but i'd just bung a bit of sugar in tbh

HedTwigg Fri 20-Jul-07 14:09:54

but honey doesn't make it sugar-free .. its just a different form

am confused, and interested

I yam, after all, da muffin man

MamaG Fri 20-Jul-07 14:10:51


of course

they would be a bit ming without any sor tof sugar, surely?

nomdeplume Fri 20-Jul-07 14:10:56

Hopefully it's not that grim Splenda/sweetner stuff


(unless DD is diabetic or somthing)

MamaG Fri 20-Jul-07 14:11:35


NeverTickleASleepingSoupDragon Fri 20-Jul-07 14:11:41

Microwave on full for about 30 seconds. They come out lovely and warm.

NeverTickleASleepingSoupDragon Fri 20-Jul-07 14:12:15

Might be savoury muffins...

Tapster Fri 20-Jul-07 18:37:22

No honey or sugar - sweetened with crushed pineapple and raisins. Quite a few recipes for sugar free muffins, my MIL does one with bran (not suitable for DD yet) which are absolutely lovely.

HedTwigg Fri 20-Jul-07 19:00:20

recipe please tapster .. sounds interesting

foxinsocks Fri 20-Jul-07 19:01:08

oooh I love bran muffins mmmmmm would love a recipe for those

Tapster Sat 21-Jul-07 20:53:58

will get recipe again from MIL think my now sacked cleaner has threw it out...

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