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Update on fruit and veg prob

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auntyspan Fri 20-Jul-07 09:43:14

following my post last week about my DDs inability to eat fruit and veg, we're doing well and I'm sure she's looking better for it. Main things have been:
* made carrot, apple and sultana wholemeal muffins. She has one for breakfast every other day
* Those Ella's purees are great. I spread them on toast for lunch, or hide them in sandwiches, and mix them with Philadephia and give it to her as a dip with pitta breads
* Made a load of "hidden veg" sauce (so "hidden" when I made spag bol with it DP asked where the veggies were )

I'm going to leave the fresh fruit in its whole form for a while as she seems to have developed a "phobia". She has those organic fruit pots which under the circumstances, are better than nothing.
So I'm much happier now. Thanks for all the tips xx

lilolilmanchester Fri 20-Jul-07 18:25:02

So glad it's going well for you & DD - well done!

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