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Farmed organic prawns with sell by on 16th and it's the 19th today but they smell fine, would you use them tomorrow?

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WideWebWitch Thu 19-Jul-07 20:28:45

I think I know the answer but ds is asking to take them in his lunch.

moondog Thu 19-Jul-07 20:29:55

Yes,if they smell ok.

moondog Thu 19-Jul-07 20:30:18

lol at poncey lunch box though....

CountTo10 Thu 19-Jul-07 20:30:29

Me personally I wouldn't risk it cause prawns can be a very dodgy one.

Carnoodleusfudge Thu 19-Jul-07 20:30:43

Yup - what's a day or two between prawns

Katymac Thu 19-Jul-07 20:30:59

Only if they smell fine

ComeOVeneer Thu 19-Jul-07 20:32:58

They may smell fine now but can "turn" very quickly, especially if they spend the morning in an unrefrigerated lunch box. Don't want ds being sick just as the holidays start (or any other time tbh).

LadyTophamSortingHatt Thu 19-Jul-07 20:34:38

Not on your nelly mate!

Bubble99 Thu 19-Jul-07 20:34:44

Nooooo! Their little prawny bacteria may start cooking in his tum. Even though they smell OK at the moment.

MegaLegilimens Thu 19-Jul-07 20:36:51

No - I wouldn't one or two days over the bbd but not 4.

WigWamBam Thu 19-Jul-07 20:37:43

No. Bad prawns are naaaasty.

I might have done if they were only a day or two over, but not four days.

MegaLegilimens Thu 19-Jul-07 20:37:49

I shall repost and add some punctuation.

No I wouldn't. One or two days after bbd but not 4.

Pixiefish Thu 19-Jul-07 20:38:13

Not with shellfish nope

Peachy Thu 19-Jul-07 20:47:02

No, not shellfish. They may be just about to go and as someone said, a warm lunchbox.... = idral breeding ground for nasties

Hulababy Thu 19-Jul-07 20:49:45

No I wouldn't use seafood beyond its sell by.

NAB3 Thu 19-Jul-07 20:49:59

No. Especially no for a child. Shellfish is notorious for food poisoning.

WideWebWitch Thu 19-Jul-07 20:50:30

Dilemma sorted, he's eaten them and is taking samosas instead! Thanks everyone, you're right actually, hanging around for 3 hours tomorrow morning = not bright idea

Bubble99 Thu 19-Jul-07 20:50:37

Bin them, WWW.

You know it makes sense.

EscapeFrom Thu 19-Jul-07 20:50:49


The farmed bit means they haven't been hanging round sewage outlets... but I still wouldn't.

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