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Sago, tapioca, and 'popping' corn

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PotterCandles Thu 19-Jul-07 20:26:51

Is there anything you can do with these other than making sago pudding, tapioca pudding, and popcorn?

Donk Thu 19-Jul-07 20:37:40

Sago goes quite well when added to stewing rhubarb! (just add the raw sago before you start stewing the rhubarb)
I know that you can do a baked version of tapioca pudding as well as a boiled one, but have never made either.
Popcorn is just....popcorn! (AFAIK)

PotterCandles Thu 19-Jul-07 21:12:33

Unfortunately only dh likes rhubarb, so it enters the Candelabrum perhaps once a year. Unlike the packets of sago, tapioca, and popping corn, which moved house with us.

The sago and tapioca puddings I know are basically boile dup with milk and sugar etc, and then baked. Dh and I like them, but not the dcs. Is there another way?

Meridian Fri 20-Jul-07 08:44:39

popcorn is a good thing for kids to play with, to make shakers, sticking a glueing and stuff when unpopped... and if you pop it you can string it on strings with a plastic needle which keeps them busy and they can make necklaces they can eat or garland and decorations that are eco friendly when you take them down.

you can flavor popcorn in lots of diffrent ways sweet or savorie...

never had sago

and i'm pretty sure you can add fruits or chocolate to tapioca

PotterCandles Fri 20-Jul-07 09:58:23

I think it's the texture of boiled sago/tapioca puddings that the dcs dislike. I wonder whether there's a cakey/biscuity way of cooking them.

I quite like the idea of decorating with popped corn, and now that we have a m/wave it won't be any hassle to prepare.

Meridian Fri 20-Jul-07 12:18:47

pottercandles- um you could try but dont know what else to do with tapioca, its a bit like marmite really you either love it our hate it... I like tapioca but hate rice pudding and macaroni pudding... though tapioca makes a good pudding at halloween if you color it with green food colour and say its fish eggs or pondscum and serve it on buiscuts

PotterCandles Sat 21-Jul-07 07:57:48

That's a great site! Thanks, Meridian.

Meridian Sat 21-Jul-07 09:17:36

pottercandles-- your welcome.. and good luck!

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