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Food for a Wake

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KellyW88 Sun 19-May-19 14:44:12

Tomorrow will be the day I bury my son Christopher who sadly didn’t make it through birth.

I have been left to plan the whole thing and if I’m honest - got so overwhelmed I forgot until today that I needed to prep food for the wake afterwards.

I have no idea on the number of people who will be coming to said wake so have got a few things sorted and I’m not sure if it’s enough or even the right sort of thing to provide - I’ve never had to do this before...

If there are any suggestions anybody can make that are fairly simple (as I don’t have much time) please advise as I feel I’m at a total loss for ideas.

I have the following:

- Sandwiches (choices pastrami and lettuce, tuna mayo and cucumber, cheese and ham, egg mayo and cress)
- Quiche - 1 x cheese and onion and 1 x Lorraine
- Potato Salad
- Tuna Mayo Pasta
- Sausage rolls
- Chocolate Caramel Shortbread
- Flapjack
- Mini Blueberry Muffins

It doesn’t seem like it’s a large amount and I don’t want to under prepare sad

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Confusedbeetle Sun 19-May-19 14:47:26

What you have is absolutely fine. Don't worry about other people, look after yourself and get through the day. Sorry you have to do this on your own

maxelly Sun 19-May-19 14:50:50

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss flowers . I think for a wake the food can be really simple, no-one is expecting to be wowed, familiar comforting finger type foods are great. At my father's recently we had:

Sandwiches (ham/cheese/tuna/egg)
Big bowls of chips, onion rings
Tortilla chips and dips
Mini spring rolls
Sausage rolls
Mini pizzas
Danish pastries
Fruit cake
Tea/coffee/fruit juice (it was in a pub so people could also buy alcoholic drinks if preferred).

We also asked a few friends to bring homemade cake/desserts. All a bit beige but seemed to go down well. I would just buy whatever is easiest to prepare and serve.

Good luck...

GabrielleNelson Sun 19-May-19 14:51:01

I'm so sorry for your loss. What you have there is fine. Don't worry about that. I hope you've got loved ones who'll be with you tomorrow. flowers

DulcieRay Sun 19-May-19 15:04:53

Some fruits or veggies
You can get precut carrot sticks from most supermarkets, and some things come perfectly portioned anyway like grapes

I'm so sorry for your loss this must be so hard

TheSandgroper Mon 20-May-19 02:53:14

I second a fruit platter. And I second getting people to bring stuff.

We had someone not go to my mothers funeral but sit in our house so some people dropped stuff off beforehand or got to the house after before us.

It meant the oven was turned on at a useful time, having being preloaded with trays of sausage rolls, quiches etc. Have your serving platters, bowls, cutlery and crockery sitting out ready to go.

Drinks in ice. Use a wheel barrow or something if you have to. Keep the fridge for food. Turn the fridge down a notch or two because it will be opened and closed a lot for the day.

Have your best friend turn up with paper towels, j-cloths and bin bags and ask her to keep on top of the housekeeping so you can concentrate on people.

My best wishes for the day. I am so sad for you. It's an awful time.

dreichuplands Mon 20-May-19 03:57:00

Your list sounds fine OP.
Do you have anyone you can ask to help you on the day? With setting out and clearing up.
Wishing you strength 💐

MaverickSnoopy Mon 20-May-19 04:52:38

Sorry for your loss and sorry that you're organising this on your own.

I think it sounds fine but if it would ease your mind then you could get some french sticks, butter/pate and leave out the back if needed.

Sending you strength and love.

Someoneonlyyouknow Mon 20-May-19 05:19:38

So sorry for you. What you have for the food sounds fine. If you're worried about quantities maybe have back ups in the freezer (sausage rolls, pizza) but don't buy things you'll never eat. Also, crisps etc will keep if not needed. Do you have any friends who can help and might be glad to feel useful?

junebirthdaygirl Mon 20-May-19 05:32:22

Oh l am so sorry you have to do this yourself. I was in the same situation years ago and friends brought everything. After the shock, childbirth everything l couldn't have done it. Please take care of yourself and don't be under pressure to have it perfect. I hope you have support in your grief.

KellyW88 Thu 23-May-19 18:58:37

Sorry for the late response and thank you all for your words of comfort and suggestions (I added crisps and a fruit platter, also veg bits with a few dips).

My mum helped with the basics thank goodness and I do have my DH during this time, but he couldn’t handle much in the way of arrangements so opted to look after DD and DS (twins 19 months old so a right handful 😊) whilst I got on with things as best I could.

The service went as well as it could given the situation and the food was well received (most were surprised I’d done any!) but it was a welcome task to keep my mind occupied xx

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GabrielleNelson Thu 23-May-19 19:09:18

You'll be very glad to have got through it, I'm sure. Take care of yourself. flowers

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