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Low Fat Diet meal ideas? Gallbladder issues

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Ginfizplease Sat 18-May-19 18:59:18

I'm a slim person with a troublesome gallbladder. I've been advised by my consultant to avoid fat as much as possible until my surgery which I don't have a date for. It could be months and months.

I am pretty much veggie as I don't like meat much but do eat meat once or twice a week usually when the rest of the family want something meaty.

Can anyone suggest any meal ideas? I also have IBS and have been making veggie curries and things but all the extra veg has triggered off my IBS too! I do eat a lot of veg but think it's the combination with little fat that's triggering it. I cheated and ate a handful of DH's chips last night and suffered for it massively in terms of pain in my gallbladder.

Would appreciate ideas! Thank you

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Blondie1984 Sun 19-May-19 02:21:17

Maybe have a look at the BBC Good Food website and the Healthy Food Mag website

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 19-May-19 15:05:09

Do you eat fish, low fat veggie without too much veg is tricky! Are there veg which are less troublesome than others?

milkjetmum Sun 19-May-19 15:21:48

I had a long wait for my gallbladder surgery so I am fully sympathetic! My go to dinners were:

Roast chicken with new potatoes and gravy (cheap gravy brands are lower fat). Obviously no skin eaten.

Loin cuts of meat are usually very lean (thats why we usually wrap in bacon etc!). I made a passable lamb stew

5% mince cooked and drained into usual bolognase recipe but pan spray for softening onions and no cheese obviously

Prawns with lemon and salad was a boring yet easy lunch. Tinned soup with bread (lentil and bacon was most tasty low fat option imo). Skinny latte or mint tea at costa. Watch them like a hawk though as they don't take the skinny seriously and just use whatever sometimes.

Stirfry made using pan spray and sweet chilli sauces are usually fat free

Lloyd grossman curry sauce -bhuna I think- was low fat and I poured off visible oil at top of jar. Cheap naans from tesco are low fat.

Poached egg white with pan spray mushrooms on toast I used to imagine I was a fancy LA type

Could eat white fish, usually no oil to pan fry or a bit of pan spray then dab any oil off with kitchen roll.

often you have to stick to cheaper food. Eg plain white bread lower fat than lovely seed brown bread. I used to buy lots of sourdough as it was a bit more interesting with just jam on.

Treat wise there are lots of options really, jelly, meringue, sorbet, haribo. A dietician friend made me a fat free cake once which was apple puree and banana puree in place if egg yolk and butter but I never managed to make a decent version.

The other thing that could set me off was being hungry or eating too much, so little and often.

You will find your threshold, for me anything over 2% was dangerous.

Good luck! flowers

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