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Welcoming meal after night flight?

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InGoodCompany Sat 18-May-19 13:27:19

I have friends arriving after a shortish flight but long drive... want to make nice dinner for their arrival.
They get here 10/11pm.

What’s nice?

Soup? Pasta? What would you like in that situation?

DrinkSangriaInThePark Sat 18-May-19 13:29:47

I wouldn't want pasta that late at night, I'd love toasted sandwiches!

InGoodCompany Sat 18-May-19 13:53:39

Oooh I love toasties... very comforting. Was thinking veggie/spinach lasagne so maybe lighter but maybe still too stodgy.

Or thin chicken fillets with a salad?

Teddybear45 Sat 18-May-19 13:55:25

What would they be expecting? If it’s such a long trip most people would eat along the way and probably wouldn’t expect more than light bites that late at night.

NannyR Sat 18-May-19 13:58:16

I wouldn't want a proper, sit down meal at that time of night - sandwiches, toasties, homemade veggie soup would be lovely.

DonPablo Sat 18-May-19 13:59:24

When my dbro did the mad dash home from Australia, he wanted egg and chips.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 18-May-19 14:03:41

Soup and/or cheese and crackers, plus a piece of homemade cake would make me very happy!

InGoodCompany Sat 18-May-19 14:04:08

They’re not expecting it & could easily stop for dinner but if I offer, they will save themselves smile
Yes was thinking maybe sit down meal too tiresome.

Which soup? Any ideas for a homely night time one? Not tomato! Thanks

InGoodCompany Sat 18-May-19 14:05:18

OOOOh great idea, cheese & crackers and maybe a nice cake! Totally did not think about cake...

Mmmmmm yum!

Teddybear45 Sat 18-May-19 14:11:42

Chicken / chunky veg / lentil soup is always comforting late at night and light. Maybe with some nice tear and share bread and cheese board / cake / wine for afters

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 18-May-19 14:18:50

I would go very casual, if i as arriving at someone’s house at 2300 there is no way I would expect or want a cooked meal. Just have some nice, fresh bread, maybe some ham and a few cheeses (I guess a ploughman’s although pickled onions at 11pm might give them indigestion) crudités and dips, kettle chips.
After a long journey to be honest I’d rather have cuppa and a biscuit then a decent breakfast in the morning.

Raera Sat 18-May-19 15:11:51

Fish finger sandwiches and a glass of wine.

pheonixrebirth Sat 18-May-19 15:20:43

Homemade chicken noodle soup or minestrone soup with toasted cheese dippers!😋

InGoodCompany Sat 18-May-19 22:33:21

Love all of these! They are foodies & will hold out for good food instead of service station...
Think maybe clear soup - coconut butternut squash? Cheese & biscuits, glass of wine and a nuce cake... lemon drizzle or white choc & raspberry..,

They sleep til midday so nice fat brunch next day!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 19-May-19 10:03:59

Sounds perfect.

Raera Sun 19-May-19 10:43:11

Aaah foodies. Go for a classic

InGoodCompany Sun 19-May-19 10:51:29

Yeah but onions? At that time of night? Hmmm

CherryPavlova Sun 19-May-19 10:57:19

I’d ask them as, personally, I cannot imagine wanting to eat at 10 or 11pm after a long journey. If you do it without asking they want to eat at all they might feel they have to force it down to be polite. Conversely they might be really hungry and desperate for a huge plateful of lasagne.

Raera Sun 19-May-19 11:25:24

Onion soup at night, yes!
I've eaten it a 3 am at the famous Au pied de cochon in Paris

InGoodCompany Sun 19-May-19 11:28:13

Have asked them & they said it’s great idea! I can always refridherate if plan changes bug I’d like to be prepared

InGoodCompany Sun 19-May-19 11:29:46

Typos hmm sorry!
I don’t know that my soups are on are with Le Pied de Cochon, however grin I would murder a fishfinger sarnie at that time of night but not sure others share my taste!

ChippyMinton Sun 19-May-19 11:31:23

The soup/cheese/deli meats/bread /cake etc sounds good as your guests can take as much or as little as they want without feeling obliged.

IJumpedAboardAPirateShip Tue 28-May-19 06:26:43

We live on the west coast of the US and have family and friends visiting pretty often - 11hour flight direct and they are usually with us by about 9pm. I always just do a very fresh chopped salad, fresh peas, lettuce, avocado, quinoa, blanched green beans or broccoli that sort of thing and a very light lemon tahini dressing. Having something very fresh and very green after exhausting travel always seems to go down well. For folks arriving a little earlier in the day we get in sushi

Myfoolishboatisleaning Tue 18-Jun-19 04:28:41

Baked potato soup. So comforting, yet no effort to eat.

legolimb Tue 18-Jun-19 16:36:38

I'm with Ijumped

Last time I visited my family in California we arrived early evening after a long indirect flight.

We had frittata and fresh green salad waiting for us. Plus wine.

Was perfect after airport and airplane meals all day.

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