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Oh dear, I am about to screw up

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Spagblog Thu 19-Jul-07 17:12:25

I have marinated pieces of chicken in harissa paste and yoghurt...but now am not sure what to do with them.

Suggestions please?

Carnoodleusfudge Thu 19-Jul-07 17:13:06

Grill em off - yummy

bundle Thu 19-Jul-07 17:13:37

wrap in foil and bake

RubySlippers Thu 19-Jul-07 17:14:43

get them on a BBQ or griddle pan

Spagblog Thu 19-Jul-07 17:20:52

Grill, I can do...Or wrap in foil...Which one is less likely to get buggered up?

bundle Thu 19-Jul-07 17:21:50

i'd do the foil thing, less likely to dry out. could also shove in some whole garlic cloves and a few veg or tomatoes to steam)

Spagblog Thu 19-Jul-07 17:25:08

Okay, will do. Thanks!

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