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Very low effort family meals

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Pipandmum Thu 16-May-19 19:03:55

Nigella Express is great - a bit more effort than beans on toast but a heck of a lot nicer tasting!
Frittata is so simple: basically a really thick omelette with lots of things you have lying in the fridge. Chuck in a pan some onions, pre cubed chorizo, peppers etc etc, mix a bowl of egg with some pre shredded cheese, pour that in pan once veggies soften and cook a bit, stick it under the grill and yum!

Ricekrispie22 Thu 16-May-19 18:57:09

Couscous salad
Quick chicken chasseur
Thai curry
Toad in the hole with packet mix
Cheap and quick 'pot noodle'. Recipe is for one but easily multiplied.
Heinz Creationz is a range of tinned prepared beans and pulses, including lentil curry, Mexican beans, chickpea tagine etc... serve with either rice, baked potato or toast!
Most supermarkets sell frozen and fresh falafel balls. Tesco do a nice sweet potato one.
I use a lot of packet couscous. Ainsley Harriett does a nice range with a lot of different flavours. It only takes about 15 minutes to soak in boiling water. We like the Mediterranean style with added cherry tomatoes and some feta cheese crumbled in. I also do the lemon and coriander one with a packet of cooked prawns or cooked chicken breast.
You can get ready-flavoured tins of tuna. In the summer I use these to quickly make a cold pasta salad or in the winter have them with jacket potatoes.
I also buy packets of flavoured microwave rice which I tip straight into deseeded red pepper halves, before topping with slices of mozzarella and popping in the oven for twenty minutes.
We eat a lot of crustless quiches from the chilled section.
Super quick fish pie
This just takes a few minutes to prepare
Cheese, ham and chive pancakes with packet mix
Microwave Heinz Mexican Beanz and have with taco shells (or a tortilla wrap), red peppers and lettuce. The Heinz lentil curry is also good
For another easy dish, use Heinz Creationz veg chilli and a tin of sweetcorn for nacho pie. Cover the beans and sweetcorn with chopped jalapeños, tortillas and grated cheese and cook for 15-20 mins.
Make a prawn noodle salad with a packet of cooked prawns, the noodles that you just have to soak in water and sweet chilli sauce.
There are some really quick gnocchi recipes This one is really good for leftover roast chicken.
This is a super speedy salad which we love in the summer
Bean and rice burritos
Microwave risotto

Di11y Thu 16-May-19 17:58:22

fish cakes and couscous and beans or veg
tinned meatballs are ok with pasta if you add a tin of chopped tomatoes (and chopped chorizo if you be bothered)
ravioli and pasta sauce
stir fry not bad if you buy the prepared veg

Flowersonthewall Thu 16-May-19 17:57:50

Easy curry I do is one of those pataks curry paste pots, with frozen butternut squash, tin of chickpeas, tin of coconut milk and tin of chopped tomatoes, throw it all in a pan just cook for about half an hour.

MotherOfGodFella Thu 16-May-19 17:54:01

Chicken breast with Cajun/whatever seasoning with rice and peas

Sausages and whatever. I like to dice potato with skin on, mix with olive oil and roast for 25/30 mins. Delicious.

Soup and crusty bread and cheese

Frozen pizza and chips blush

formerbabe Thu 16-May-19 17:51:00

Supermarket pizza with bagged salad

Rotisserie chicken, microwave rice

Sausage and mash...cook sausages in oven so you don't have to watch over them. Use frozen mash

Nuttyaboutnutella Thu 16-May-19 17:40:15

I'm heavily pregnant with dc2 (due next week). I have absolutely no appetite besides grazing and even less inclination to cook. We normally make most things from scratch.

What very low effort meals can I throw together for me, DP and a 2 year old?Nothing with eggs as DS will not touch them.

All I can think of is:
Pasta with sauce and garlic bread
Beans on toast
Baked potatoes
Fish/fish fingers with chips and peas

We normally eat well, just trying to get us through the next few weeks.

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