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Over-Ripe Bananas - Suggestions

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frikadela Wed 18-Jul-07 19:33:06

Hi. I'm new here but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how I can use a full bunch of over ripe bananas. I really dont want to throw them out.

CorrieDale Wed 18-Jul-07 19:34:43

banana cake! (I know - boring...)

Durdle Wed 18-Jul-07 19:36:06

Banana bread! Or banana and nut muffins!

NeverEndingPileOfLaundry Wed 18-Jul-07 19:36:27

Banana and choc chip muffins - yum yum!

strawberry Wed 18-Jul-07 19:36:31


frikadela Wed 18-Jul-07 19:37:05

Cheers. Anybody got any recipes they would recommend?

Durdle Wed 18-Jul-07 19:38:48

Got a good banana muffin recipe. My DD loves them. Hang on!

FirenzeandZooey Wed 18-Jul-07 19:41:03

Banana cake

4 oz self raising wholemeal flour
half tsp mixed spice
2 oz butter
3 oz raisins
8 oz banana
1 egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 180 / gm 4.

Mix flour and spice, rub in butter and stir in raisins. In a separate bowl, mash the banana and egg. Stir into the flour mixture and put into a well-greased tin (fills a small loaf tin I think or I usually double up the quantities and put it in an 8" circular cake tin). Turn oven down to GM 3 / 160 C and cook on the middle shelf for 1 hour or until cooked.

I usually cover it with a mixture of philadelphia cream cheese and fruit spread (about 2 parts cream cheese to one part fruit spread / jam). I blend them together in the liquidiser. However it is good just by itself as well. This recipe is pretty healthy as well as easy to make, but actually tastes very good. I've used it as a birthday cake before - it's lovely and sweet.

FireFaerie Wed 18-Jul-07 19:42:09

I tell you what my 6 year old DS LOVES!! (He had it for breakfast before sports day and is now convinced it helps him run faster
Banana Milkshakes! And its literally mashed banana (well mashed) and a bit of milk stirred in Yum!
Also Banana cake is nice, thats just a normal sponge recipe with banana stirred in.
Mashed banana on ryvita or toast is nice too!

pointydog Wed 18-Jul-07 19:42:26

not maDE this for a long while but is nice, choc and banana loaf

melt tog 150g butter, 150g light muscovado sugar and 150g plain choc. Add 2 mashed bananas and 3 eggs, sift in 200g plain flour and 2 tsp baking powder.

Bake for 1 hr. Add choc butter icing if you want

cylonbabe Wed 18-Jul-07 19:42:31

eat them, yummy.
mash and mix with egg, flour milk and sugar. fry the fritters. serve with ice cream. yummy.
make milkshake

FireFaerie Wed 18-Jul-07 19:43:18

Ooops got beaten to it with the banana cake one

CorrieDale Wed 18-Jul-07 19:43:28

I have a recipe for banana pancakes somewhere - haven't tried it yet but it looks nice, if you're interested.

Durdle Wed 18-Jul-07 19:44:04

75g/3oz melted butter
250g/9oz self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
115g/40oz caster sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
2 large ripe bananas
2 medium eggs
125ml/4fl oz milk
walnut kernals or raisins

melt butter. mash bananas well. sift flour and baking powder together. add cinnamon and nutmeg. add caster sugar. beat together eggs, vanilla, butter and milk. add banana. make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and add the egg mixture. stir well with a fork. bake at 200c for 20-25 mins.

NeverEndingPileOfLaundry Wed 18-Jul-07 19:44:56

Recipe for Banana and Choc Chip Muffins:

280g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tsp soda bicarbonate
1/2 tsp salt (I never add this, seems fine without it)
3 large well ripened bananas (about 450g)
110g granulated sugar
1 egg beaten with fork
60ml milk or water
90ml vegetable oil
85g choc chips

Heat oven to 190 degrees C (don't know gas mark equivilant -sorry)

Mix flour baking powder, bicarb and salt if using and choc chips

In a separate bowl mash bananas, add sugar, egg, oil and milk / water

Add wet ingredients to dry and stir together until just combined. Mixture will still be lumpy

Spoon into muffin cases ( makes 12)

Bake for 20 -25 mins until tops lightly browned and spring back when pressed gently

Eat and enjoy!

pointydog Wed 18-Jul-07 19:45:20

banana fool

just whizz 3 or 4 bananas with thick nat yog and chill

frikadela Wed 18-Jul-07 19:45:46

Wow. This site is awesome. I was expecting to be waiting ages.

Thanks everyone for the suggestiono try FirenzeandZooey recipe. It sounds healthy and i really should lose some weight.

Once again Thankyou all!

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