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Icing a Cake

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EboWen Wed 08-May-19 14:21:38

I want to make a fruit cake for dil's baby shower as I'm going to be away and will have to deliver it a couple of weeks in advance, (hence it can't be a sponge cake) how far ahead can it be iced and decorated? I have only ever made and iced a fruit cake at Christmas, covering the cake with marzipan and icing it a couple of days apart and in the week running up to Christmas. I know I need to put marzipan on two days ahead of the icing to allow it to dry out. Also, Royal icing or fondant? Thanks 😉

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Birdie6 Wed 08-May-19 14:36:25

Actually it can be a sponge cake if you freeze it . Sponge freezes perfectly well, especially if they are iced all over ( including the sides). Fruit cakes freeze well too. Royal icing, fondant or even buttercream is fine. I've frozen many decorated cakes for birthdays etc. I put the decorated cake in a plastic cake box and then freeze the whole thing . Defrost the day before, in the fridge. I wouldn't try to preserve any cake outside the freezer, for two weeks.

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