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White fish

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Sleepinginthebathroom Wed 08-May-19 14:18:12

Saw a photo of some, now I really really fancy it.
Just like a piece of sea bass or anything really in some lemon and oil and garlic.

However everytime I make it, it tastes like nothing, and the sides are boring, and I'm hungry after

Any recipe suggestions?

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WhatDoWeSayToTheGodofSalad Thu 09-May-19 14:13:39

Mediterranean fish stew


and anything else you fancy! Nice with rice but I prefer soft boiled new potatoes that are left to simmer in the stew before serving.

reindeermania Thu 09-May-19 15:18:37

Are you over cooking it? Or worse- under seasoning? Adding the squeeze of lemon after it's plated?

I love minted pea purée, crumbled black pudding and fillet of sea bass with a squeeze of lime. Another favourite is cod wrapped in Parma ham and rosemary, baked and served with crushed new potatoes and green beans. Or a whole bass stuffed with lemons and thyme, surrounded by a glass of wine and baked. The wine/ lemon and thyme infuse the fish with flavour 😋

RezCowgirl Thu 09-May-19 20:16:40

Gordon Ramsay's tandoori halibut

wafflyversatile Thu 09-May-19 20:18:14

I use pangasius for this.

ParkingIInPlainSight Thu 09-May-19 20:26:20

This sea bass is amazing. Have it with rice and greens on the side or a stir fry.

Sleepinginthebathroom Thu 09-May-19 23:49:47

Thank you, these made me hungry just thinking about them, particularly wrapped in ham!
I've never had much love for it before, so I think I was always under seasoning and I never did much of a side with it, so it was boring and I was starving!

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