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I need a ready-iced sponge cake any ideas?

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rosealbie Tue 17-Jul-07 22:50:15

I really don't have time to make one and wondered if any of the supermarkets sold them. It needs to be round if possible.

purpleturtle Tue 17-Jul-07 22:51:26

I think you'll find one in most of the supermarkets. Failing that, M&S should do you proud.

MaureenMcGonagall Tue 17-Jul-07 22:51:41

M&S do them I think.

katz Tue 17-Jul-07 22:52:32

tesco have them

jaynehater Tue 17-Jul-07 22:53:03

Do you know anyone with a costco card???

Cheap, cheerful, enormous, and not disgusting.

(sounding a little like my profile, but I am referring to the cake)

luckylady74 Tue 17-Jul-07 22:54:11

all do but they have dec orations on them - are you looking for plain because i think morrisons had quite plain - they all do sponge in infinite icings for all occasions i don't hink any goes for fruit cake any more. i believe my dh got my birthday cake from asda!

rosealbie Wed 18-Jul-07 08:14:31

Thanks everyone. I was looking for completely plain if possible as I have a circular rice paper 'Yoda' design to stick onto plain icing. Sounds as though it should be easy enough to find one

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