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Are you a 'fussy' eater?

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Mercy Tue 17-Jul-07 18:33:44

There are certain types of food which I cannot abide, however often I have tried to eat them. And there are other things which I have never tried and doubt I ever will.

For me

a) Food I have tried and just don't like

Pearl barley
Herb dumplings
Fatty meat
Green peppers
Runner beans

b) Food I refuse to try

Raw oysters

I'm sure there's more!

EscapeFrom Tue 17-Jul-07 18:37:29

Foods I refuse to try

I see your snails and oysters, and I raise you


mazzystar Tue 17-Jul-07 18:40:14

used to be a fussy eater as a child, survived till 8 or so on eggy bread, raw carrots and brown rice

now am proud to say eat everything on your list except the fatty meat

hate mushroom and have veggie tendencies though

mazzystar Tue 17-Jul-07 18:40:56

not tripe though

Blandmum Tue 17-Jul-07 18:42:01

No, I will eat anything except sea urchin. Which I tried once and almost vomited at the table.

Not sure if I would choose to eat brains, but would eat them if presented with them out of poilteness

Mercy Tue 17-Jul-07 18:42:50

Tripe and onions <vom>

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 18:44:29

I've tried octopus and squid. 'Tis OK.

Don't like seafood at all or anything I feel may be 'slimy' <vom>

Don't like


Can't think of much else I don't like so no I'm not a fussy eater. Dd is though and apparently it's all my fault <wail>

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 18:45:52

Oh God no to tripe. My mum loves it.

Not tried brains but would probably have a go.

Mercy Tue 17-Jul-07 18:46:37

Indeed it is sagger!

Blandmum Tue 17-Jul-07 18:46:44

LOL at it being your fault. I'll sit by you and eat all your slimy stuff as I love them all! . My dd can help me, and ds can sit with you in the picky seats!

littlerach Tue 17-Jul-07 18:48:48

I'm veggie, but do not like mushrooms. I have tried and tried but don't.
I also don't like honey.

Even if I ate meat, I really don't htink I would try oysters or snails or mussels.
i did have squid before becoming veg and didn't really likt it.

smurfgirl Tue 17-Jul-07 18:49:07


Al spicy/peppery/salty food. No crisps, mexican, thai, indian, well seasoned italian etc

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 18:49:22

Lord - life's too short to be that wound up about it TBH.

FirenzeandZooey Tue 17-Jul-07 18:50:45

I won't eat meat, fish, goat's cheese, or blue cheese

I have NEVER (even pre-vegetarian) eaten offal of any kind, oysters, snails, eel, squid, mussels, etc etc

I absolutely CAN'T eat olives or rice pudding, or anything with the consistency or taste of rice pudding (anything with hot milk in, porridge, etc). Rice pudding I was made to eat as a child; olives I mistook for grapes aged 3 and got a very nasty surprise. My revulsion for both of these is far stronger than any other food, having been forced (inadvertantly in the case of olives) to have them as a child.

Mercy Tue 17-Jul-07 18:50:51

I used to get really confused by 'Brains Faggots'

(I think we had them as kids once or twice)

REBELlatrixlestrange Tue 17-Jul-07 18:50:58

I feel sick just thinking about some of these foodstuffs.

Guess that makes me a fussy eater, lol.

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 18:55:21

Prunes and liver, not on anyones hate list? I love both of those.

Blandmum Tue 17-Jul-07 18:56:05

Oh god, goat cheese and idea of heaven!

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 18:58:28

ooo I don't like olives either. I'm getting 'fussier' by the minute.

iota Tue 17-Jul-07 18:59:02

I hate seafood, but fish is OK. dh loves seafood though, so I guess that we're giving our kids mixed messages - LOL

REBELlatrixlestrange Tue 17-Jul-07 19:01:13

I can't even buy liver, much less cook it.

DH used to have a list of folk who would cook him a plateful if they were having it.

iota Tue 17-Jul-07 19:02:36

oooh I love liver and onions with lashings of thick gravy - dh doesn't like it though

hhmmmm him and his seafood me and my liver

REBELlatrixlestrange Tue 17-Jul-07 19:03:55



saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 19:03:56

iota - we'll have none of that now. Seperate meal are not allowed.

REBELlatrixlestrange Tue 17-Jul-07 19:04:22


Guess I won't be invited certain places for dinner.


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