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Favourite Sandwich..........

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wurlywurly Tue 17-Jul-07 17:33:49

I have 2 both on malted brown bread. Roast Chicken salad and mayo OR BLT.

Whats yours???????

saltireslytherin Tue 17-Jul-07 17:34:22

Stilton and pickle

noddyholder Tue 17-Jul-07 17:35:18

tuna red onion and mayo on soft white farmhouse bread YUM!

lou33 Tue 17-Jul-07 17:36:23

i'm eating a banana and honey one right now which is pretty tasty

DANCESwithDumbledore Tue 17-Jul-07 17:36:25

Plain cheese sandwich made with margerine not butter (I am totally a butter person, just this one thing), don't mind the bread but thick crusty white from the bakers is a fav. (so shoot me Dr ahem..Mckeith). So boring but so lovely. Can't stand soggy salad in sandwiches..yuk.

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