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Help toddler milk

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lolojade Fri 03-May-19 21:57:15

Thankyouu for the tips! I will definitely will be trying the formula and milk trick!thanks

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Narya Fri 03-May-19 14:21:41

I think there's more than one way to tackle this - at a similar age we mixed cows milk and formula together, very slowly increasing the amount of cows milk and reducing formula over a few weeks until it was all cows milk. But DS is still on bottles at 15 months! We're going to try getting him onto a sippy cup for milk next.
I think it's up to you whether to tackle the type of milk or the stopping bottles first, but I wouldn't do both at the same time.

lolojade Fri 03-May-19 14:10:35

Hi so im so confused ive got myself in a situation and im not fully informed,my DS Is 13 month he's been poorly and he would not take cows milk what so ever just his normall comfort milk so i switched to cow and gate stage 3 milk. He is having 1 bottle a day,how do i get him onto cows milk or is stage 3 cow and gate ok for now and just take him off bottles completely blushim so confused

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