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Baby food in jars ceasing production?

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NicolaBreakspear Fri 03-May-19 02:27:07

Hi, all,

Does anybody know whether it is true that manufacturers such as Cow & Gate and Hipp Organic are ceasing production of baby food in jars? I have heard that this is the case, although it seems unlikely to me. I know that pouches, pots, etc. are becoming more popular, but I do hope that jars will also continue to be available for those of us who prefer them.

Thanks very much for any information anyone can provide.


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Blondie1984 Fri 03-May-19 03:52:59

Given the current hype around the environment I would be surprised if they moved away from a packaging type that is so easy to recycle...and would mean massive changes in terms of buying new packing I’m not sure it’s something that they will do imminently- but who knows?

KneelJustKneel Fri 03-May-19 04:59:13

Ooh thats interesting.

When mine were smaller there was a group of MN type parents who would say, "oh no we dont use jars," but who would be using pouches, as if somehow that was different.

Aquamarine1029 Fri 03-May-19 05:18:23

Honestly, I've never understood why anyone would by pre-made baby food. It is so overpriced it's INSANE, and making your own is so easy. I say good riddance to all of it.

NeverTalksToStrangers Fri 03-May-19 05:22:40

My oldest would only eat jar food. Turned his nose up at pretty much everything else. He had real issues with choking on anything slightly lumpy too (way later than was normal).

He's fine now though. And is a great eater with varied tastes.

riverislands Fri 03-May-19 16:06:53

I've observed that babies raised on manufactured baby food are very fussy generally.

NicolaBreakspear Tue 07-May-19 03:48:24

Thanks so much, MNetters.

My DH has a PhD in environmental science, so he is absolutely draconian about recycling! He was keen for me to bring this to your attention, in case anybody does use baby food pouches and doesn't realise that they can be recycled: Recycle in partnership with Ella’s Kitchen®.

And, yes, we really do try to use manufactured baby food as a last resort, but there are occasions when it just has to be done. With five DCs aged from seven months up to seven years I'm afraid that I sometimes do have to fall back on jars. They are also pretty useful over the weekends, which we spend at the farmhouse in Bedfordshire that my DH is still restoring grin and our kitchen facilities there are somewhat rudimentary. And he has the cheek to nag me about finishing my first and last novel... angry (In case you were wondering, DC5 was not planned and is an example of what can happen when the DF&MIL offer to have all the grandchildren for the night and you stay in with your DH, Netflix, and a bottle of sherry wine blush.)

I don't think that any of mine are turning out to be fussy eaters, although DD1 (7) is currently going through a phase of demanding olive tapenade with everything! hmm

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UnPocoLoco2 Tue 07-May-19 17:05:50

@NicolaBreakspear I guess you work for Ella's kitchen?

NicolaBreakspear Tue 07-May-19 20:38:25

Sorry, @UnPocoLoco2, but I just don't get it. I post one link to some information on the Ella's Kitchen website and you begin to accuse me of working for Ella's Kitchen. I think Ella's Kitchen is successful enough and has a big enough marketing budget that it doesn't need to employ sleep-deprived mums to post links to their website on MN! And anyway, the link I posted was to information about recycling packaging, nothing to do with their products as such. I wish my DH had never told me to post the stupid link now! It is just the first page about recycling baby food pouches that I found when I Googled how to recycle baby food pouches!

And if I worked for Ella's Kitchen, why would I keep saying how much I like jars—the one kind of packaging that Ella's Kitchen does not use!? Why would I mention two of their rival brands and say how much I hope that they do not stop producing the products that I like?!

And if I worked for Ella's Kitchen why would I be posting on MN at 3.48 a.m.?! That is the sort of thing you do if you are up at 3.48 a.m. feeding a 7-month-old baby, not the sort of thing you do if you are running an advertising campaign for a multi-million-pound international business!


If I were not still BFing I'd pour myself a large gin! gin Grrr! I need a cup of tea! brew

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