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Cake for my 50th. Please help

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Migrant2 Sat 27-Apr-19 15:18:06

Please could anybody recommend a recipe for a birthday cake I could make for my 50th? I need it to serve12 adults, although they will have had dinner at the local Italian restaurant too.
Chocolate always welcome but not a necessity. Must be able to survive short car ride. Medium skill level but nothing too challenging please. Would like it to look like I’ve made an effort though! Have lots of fondant cutters, edible glitter etc
Please inspire me! I’m not in Europe if it makes any difference, can’t pop to Marks/ Tesco!
Thank you.

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missmoffatt2705 Mon 29-Apr-19 16:11:51

You have a few options: google checkerboard or zebra cake. Looks impressive but easy to do with plain vanilla sponge and chocolate sponge. Cake needs to be round sandwich style with a minimum of 3 layers. Checkerboard or zebra stripes are only visible when you cut the cake so you need to cover the outside of the cake with fondant or buttercream. You could do a plain chocolate traybake, roughly A4 size, with a cake topper on top - basically an edible picture/image which could be from a family photo. You would have to send the digital image to the company who would print it on special paper and post it back to you. Or choose an image from the ones that the company stocks. You could also do a tall round cake and use sprinkles around the outside, just from the bottom up or cover the entire cake - you would need a lot of sprinkles for this. There are loads of cake decorating tutorials on YouTube. How about a chocolate Drip cake with lots of chocolates/macaroons/strawberries on the top. Google Drip Cake. Have a look at a few websites - Sainsburys Magazine has a lot of impressive cakes and there is a film 'how to make a funfetti celebration cake' plus take a look at the Malteser Chocolate cake on that website - I have made that one several times.

Migrant2 Mon 29-Apr-19 23:20:22

Thank you! I went with a chocolate sponge/ chocolate mousse creation in the end. Turned out well and was devoured!

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