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3 sticks of rhubarb

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Friedeggsandcustard Wed 24-Apr-19 19:51:34

Rhubarb tarte tatin. In an oven safe frying pan, melt butter and caster sugar and the syrup from stem ginger in a jar and bring to a bubble. arrange sliced rhubarb on top. sprinkle over some finely chopped stem ginger and cover with a sheet of shop bought puff pastry. Bake until golden. Leave 5-10 minutes to cool and it should turn out on to a plate... serve with vanilla ice cream.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Wed 24-Apr-19 19:44:45

Recipe came originally from a book. Can't remember by whom though. Possibly Jamie Oliver.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Wed 24-Apr-19 19:43:12

Get a large pork filet, rub it with pureed garlic, olive oil and a bit of sage and seasoning and leave to marinade.
Wash rhubarb, cut into 1 inch pieces and place in bottom of a dish.
Wrap pork in Prosciutio or similar and place on rhubarb. Put a bit more olive oil over meat.
Cover the lot with scrunched wetted baking paper and cook in hot oven (say 220) for 20 mins. Then turn oven down to 190ish, remove baking paper and cook until meat is done.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Wed 24-Apr-19 19:34:44

Or clafoutis.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Wed 24-Apr-19 19:34:19

This rhubarb and custard cake.

Montgomerystubercles Wed 24-Apr-19 19:34:05

Syllabub; cook it in a pan with a glug of white wine and some sugar, whisk together some cream and mascarpone then fold the cooled rhubarb through.

SpoonBlender Wed 24-Apr-19 19:32:13

I'd do as Aardvark except with custard, but you could also make a nice jar of chutney. A few currants, bit of vinegar, sugar, perhaps a glug of port.

Bayleyf Wed 24-Apr-19 19:31:02

2 sticks poached as per Artichoke's suggestion, one made into a really sharp compote to have with oily fish.

(Probably not for the same meal!)

ArtichokeAardvark Wed 24-Apr-19 19:27:43

Slow poach it and have with ice cream or rice pudding. Yum.

bibbitybobbityyhat Wed 24-Apr-19 19:24:05

My lovely ndn gave me a bundle of home grown rhubarb.

I shared it with my Mum, so now I have 3 largish sticks left. What can I make with it? It's not really enough for a crumble for a family of 4 and anyway we had a crumble at the weekend.

Any suggestions?

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