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Bored of the same meals .

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mrswife2kidsandadog Tue 23-Apr-19 22:01:06

I'm sick to death of eating the same meals for dinner/tea (depending on where you live !)

We constantly have things like , shepherds pie , chicken curry , chicken casserole , roast dinner , pizza , fish chips peas , chicken nuggets and chips (for a quick easy tea ) , beef stew , spaghetti bolognaise .

I mostly cook from scratch as I enjoy cooking and prefer it to buying shop bought . But feel like we eat the same meals all the time .

Any recipe/new meal ideas would be really appreciated . Thanks

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SevenSeasofRye Tue 23-Apr-19 22:03:50

Me too. Stuff in a total rut. I prefer vegetarian really but dairy doesn’t agree with me.

Magmatic80 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:04:29

Are there any telly chefs whose recipes interprets you? Get their book from the library and work through it. That really helped me open up to new ingredients and ideas

Magmatic80 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:04:55

*interests! Not sure where interpret came from

BrieAndChilli Tue 23-Apr-19 22:07:16

Look for half price codes for hello fresh/gousto etc I wouldn’t pay full price but at half price they aren’t too bad.
Means you can just look at the recipes, say ooh I fancy that and all the ingredients are delivered to you meaning you don’t have to look up a recipe, Work our what ingredients you need etc
Got us out of a rut and put a few more favourites on the list of meals we make

mrswife2kidsandadog Tue 23-Apr-19 22:07:16

It's hard because my husband hates vegetables and fish and will only really eat mince beef or chicken so limits what I can make ! I need meals that are quick and easy or something that can go in the slow cooker really and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to make ! Not asking for much am I 😂😂

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frankiefirstyear Tue 23-Apr-19 22:08:01

Do you have a meal plan? I found it helpful to write down what I can cook, what I tend to order when eating out (with the intent of cooking), and a look through a few cookbooks with meals I'd like to cook. This way I could also see where my 5 a day was. I don't really follow it now but I look at it from time to time when my batch cooking stash is running low. I also found it helpful to organise my freezer - meals, veg, pasta/mash, bread etc. I find this easier to see where I need to add to.

Twizzleegg Tue 23-Apr-19 22:08:47

Stir fried veggie noodles are my rut. Very simple but I make it up as I go along... I usually put in onion and garlic, sometimes pepper and mushrooms, but often I'll use a packet of frozen veg, the throw in some noodles (egg or rice) with soya sauce and some liquid and 4 mins later you have dinner. I often put chicken or tofu with it... Also marinated and today it was salmon.

Twizzleegg Tue 23-Apr-19 22:09:33

Oh..! Well veggie noodles are out 😳

mrswife2kidsandadog Tue 23-Apr-19 22:12:20

I've tried batch cooking food tomorrow and it always ends up in the freezer for months on end forgotten about unfortunately. I prefer to cook each day .

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JoinTheDots Tue 23-Apr-19 22:12:35

This is my current list on the meal planner...

Coconut chicken curry
Chicken Dopiaza
Peanut curry
Butter chicken
Anchovy pasta
prawn noodles
Fish tacos
Fish and chips
Spag bol
Hot dogs
Shwarma chicken
Roast chicken
Chicken & chips
Chicken wraps
Seared Tuna with avocado salad
Halloumi wraps
Broccoli & mushroom gnocchi
Sausage and mash
Turkey meatballs
Pesto pasta
Take away
Chicken fajitas
Chicken pie
Nasi Goreng
Beef pie
Chinese chicken
Steak and chips

mrswife2kidsandadog Tue 23-Apr-19 22:13:51

Thanks everyone smile

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Magmatic80 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:14:37

Here’s some of what we have on rotation at the moment:
Meatballs in tomato spicy sauce
Roasted squash in Pitta pockets with homemade coleslaw - Hugh veg book
Homemade falafels in pitta pockets - slimming world mag
Lamb mince and lentil curry - Tom Kerridge
Beef chilli
Bean chilli - from a Waitrose mag
Smoked ham and corguette tortilla - tom kerridge
Pork in spicy rice - Hairy Dieters
Lamb kebabs - hairy dieters
Cheesy lentil lasagne - slimming world mag
Spiced chicken and mango pasties - some chicken book, not sure who!
Chicken fajitas - from a packet spice mix
Chicken tikka masala- madhu Jaffrey curry nation
Steamed chicken with a tomato and mascarpone sauce -tom kerridge

Badwifey Tue 23-Apr-19 22:26:47

I like making chilli. It's very versatile.
Taco chips, homemade oven chips topped with grated cheese, chilli mince and then taco sauce. Delicious

Burritos, I make one large burrito with loads of chilli, mixed peppers and onions, cheese sauce and salsa.

Chilli and rice

Chilli and nachos with cheese sauce and salsa

We also love home made spice bags. So breaded chicken, homemade oven chips, onions and peppers with some spice bag seasoning, chilli flakes and garlic powder topped with some curry sauce.

Chicken fajitas

Chicken wraps (various spiced chicken)

Homemade meatballs with gravy onions and mash and veg or chips

Baked meatballs in tomato sauce topped with cheese and served with pasta and garlic bread.

Meatball subs

Homemade burgers (Chicken or beef)


PCohle Wed 24-Apr-19 17:58:48

I think it's good to think of new variations of dishes that work for your family.

So you make chicken casserole, what about:
Chicken Provençal
Chicken and chorizo
Chicken chasseur
Chicken and white bean stew
Mexican chicken casserole
Pesto chicken stew with dumplings
Chicken tagine

Or for beef stew:
Beef bourguignon
Chinese beef and aubergine hotpot
Beef Massaman curry
Beef stroganoff
Steak pie

Plus mix up the carbs and veg you serve with everything.

PCohle Wed 24-Apr-19 17:59:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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