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Identifying Wine

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Polyjuicegara2 Sun 15-Jul-07 19:32:04

Ok have pinched the thread title from an old one I spotted! But another wine thread I had led me to wondering what the red wine bottles I have accumulating dust are and whether they are any good or not (yes primarily for re-gifting!).

So I have:
Kumala Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 05
Fetzer Pacific Bay Merlot 04
Seleccion de Plata Tempranilla 03
Oh and a white Black Tower

Are they okish or baaad?
Thank you

MaryBS Sun 15-Jul-07 19:54:28

Black Tower = sweet and sickly. If you like Liebfraumilch, you will like this. If you like wine you won't. I find it loathsome but my ILs love it.

Kumala and Fetzer I've found to be reasonably drinkable.

StarryStarryNight Sun 15-Jul-07 19:56:33

umm, I wouldnt. Most of these are popular wines made specifically for immediate consumption rather than to age in style. They may end up poured down the sink by somebody cursing you thinking "cheap bint, here I was thinking I had a wine to go with this meal..."

Polyjuicegara2 Sun 15-Jul-07 22:59:09

Hmmm - if they're no good to regift what is a reasonably priced red wine? (As in less than £5)

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 23:00:28

I'll have the Kumala if you don't want it. It is one of my preferred 'brands'

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 15-Jul-07 23:02:18

As for a reasonably priced wine. I normally pay £4-5 on whichever bottle is half price in Tescos at the time (i.e. should be £8-10).

They currently have a Hardys red (special reserve I think) for £3.99 (or £4.99) which we have had before and is very nice.

SoMuchToBits Sun 15-Jul-07 23:02:20

I would only give the Black Tower to my worst enemy...

StarryStarryNight Sun 15-Jul-07 23:07:22

I wouldnt throw them away, I just wouldnt gift them as you dont know what they are like. If you want to drink wine, just open them and see if they are good, one by one. If not great, can use in sauce.

Otherwise, if you are looking for gift idea, Sainsbury online has some good special offers on red wine at the moment.
For example, all under £5:
Banrock Station Reserve Cabernet Shiraz 75cl
Save 50% was £7.99 now £3.99

Rosemount Estate Shiraz Cabernet 75cl
Save £2.00 was £6.49 now £4.49

Blossom Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl
Save £1.00 was £4.99 now £3.99

I especially like Rosemount Estate, it is a nice wine.

WendyWeber Sun 15-Jul-07 23:10:04

You can still buy Kumala 05, I'm pretty sure, so it should be drinkable (unless it's been in your car or on a windowsill for the last 2 years)

Tempranillo keeps OK, it's what they make Rioja with (not sure about Seleccion de Plata though ) - does it say Crianza on it anywhere? Or Reserva?

Polyjuicegara2 Sun 15-Jul-07 23:13:12

Ahh very useful thank you.
I think I shall have to buy a new bottle anyway as I have just realised that the teacher the red wine is for gave me a bottle at Xmas and I have absolutely no idea which one (if any) it was! (I don't drink red you see so doesn't stick in my poor feeble brain) Do you think she'd remember .

Polyjuicegara2 Sun 15-Jul-07 23:15:09

WW - no it just says 'vino de la tierra de castillo'??

WendyWeber Sun 15-Jul-07 23:26:33

Oh, I think that's just the equivalent of a vin de pays in French - might be OK, might be vinegar, I would save it for some late evening when everybody's pissed already

Buy the teacher a new bottle and donate these to the next tombola!

StarryStarryNight Sun 15-Jul-07 23:29:00

I think you are right about that Wendy, Castillo probably being the region, if I am not mistaken...

(oh, give me a campo viecho reserva anyday...)

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