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Wrap recipes

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Ihatesundays Sun 21-Apr-19 18:56:58

I have some leftover wraps - we had some with chicken and peppers and honestly I am sick of that.

Any ideas (dinner) - I’m fairly flexible as long as no fish/seafood

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BeagleMomma Sun 21-Apr-19 18:59:04

Wrap pizzas? Can put a base of tomato, BBQ or pesto, just chuck them on a baking tray for a few mins or under the grill.

Quesadillas - big frying pan and put cheese and whatever you like sandwiched between 2 of them.

Bayleyf Sun 21-Apr-19 19:00:56

Chilli, made with small chunks of beef rather than mince.

Chicken cooked with Indian spices and a yoghurty sauce.

Layer them up with a cheesy filling and bake like an enchilada.

Spicy sweet potato and chick peas with lots of lime.

Madvixen Sun 21-Apr-19 19:01:46


MsMamaNature Sun 21-Apr-19 19:08:13

Ricekrispie22 Sun 21-Apr-19 19:15:05

Dh’s favourite wrap filling is hoisin duck.

werekitty Sun 21-Apr-19 19:16:35

Halloumi and roasted veg

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 21-Apr-19 21:40:09

Home made tortilla chips. Chop into triangle, dust with your choice of spice or seasoning, spread on a baking tray and spray with oil. Bake.

Stravapalava Sun 21-Apr-19 21:42:53

My DC love a quesadilla.

BentNeckLady Sun 21-Apr-19 21:44:48

Mashed sweet potato and feta with chilli and coriander. Roll in wraps and bake in the oven for ten minutes until a bit crispy.

Pixie2015 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:45:56

I love baked bean and grated cheese quesadillas or hummus and roasted pepper wraps

hmwhatsmynameagain Sun 21-Apr-19 21:52:45

Chilli 'lasagne' layers of wraps as the 'pasta' with a tomato based sauce (brans or meat) with sour cream for the 'white sauce' and grated cheese on top

flugelhorn81 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:55:32

I do quesadillas with mashed sweet potato, chorizo slices and mozzarella. Just griddle or fry, weighting them on top until the cheese melts....

OneWildNightWithJBJ Sun 21-Apr-19 21:59:05

As a quick, small meal, I do tomato puree, ham, roasted peppers (jar) and grated cheese.

Fivefootoffun Sun 21-Apr-19 22:05:24

A breakfast wrap makes a lovely brunch - scrambled egg/bacon/sausage or sausage Pattie/ hash brown/tomato etc - pick and choose

We love wraps with left over chilli, cheese and salad.

If you’ve a george foreman or the likes - a nice toasted wrap with a variety of fillings - tuna sweetcorn & cheese/ham, cheese& pineapple/ chicken and sweet chilli sauce/ cheese, tomato & red onion

I often have a wrap with egg mayo, peppers and red onion mix when DH out and I want a quick tea.

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