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I want to make a lion (or other wild animal) cake - help!

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RainingCatsandDogs Sat 14-Jul-07 18:49:03

Ds is 1 soon and we are going to the safari park with older dd on his birthday.
I want to make a lion or other appropriate animal cake.I remember a picture of one somewhere on mumsnet but have searched with no result.
Can anyone help me.It needs to be within the capability of a non skilful icer

Desiderata Sat 14-Jul-07 18:53:15

OK .. I have found one, but when is your ds's birthday?

I have a cake book I will happily give you. On p374 is a lion cake which requires very little icing, but you do need long marshmallows

Anyhow, if you want the book, just let me know and I'll give you my email address and post it to you (free of charge).

It's full of beautiful cakes, but I just ain't a baker so it has to go to a good home!

RainingCatsandDogs Sat 14-Jul-07 18:59:18

That is really kind of you.

Ds is one in 10 weeks time but we are on holiday for a week ! So I'll literally have to make it the day before - this is not good planning

I feel bad making you pay pp though..

RainingCatsandDogs Sat 14-Jul-07 18:59:43

10 days not weeks ... oops

Desiderata Sat 14-Jul-07 19:02:00

Please don't feel bad! I like doing nice things occasionally ... it's good karma

My email address is a mouthful, so here goes.

Write it down carefully!

Desiderata Sat 14-Jul-07 19:02:27

Yes, it's OK. I picked up on that

Katymac Sat 14-Jul-07 19:08:46


Cover round cake in yellow icing
Cut strips of orange icing and cover the outside inch of the top of the cake
Cut lines on this as it's the mane

Roll lots of little sausages of green icing and plce then up the edge of the cake as if it was grass growing up

Make a face using black & white icing for the eyes
Use orange icing to make a nose (triangle) & cheeks round
Use black icing in a tube to put whiskers on the cheeks


RainingCatsandDogs Sat 14-Jul-07 19:16:22

Have emailed you Desiderata so hope I got the address correct.

Katymac that does seem within my capability .. don't have a picture to help me with my artistic effort?

Katymac Sat 14-Jul-07 19:18:00

No - but look at picture books to get a cartoon lion to copy - you know full face

Slubberdegullion Sat 14-Jul-07 19:21:24

If you didn't want to go for an animal you could do a safari park cake.

Straight forward Victoria Sponge. Cover with green icing (you could colour coconut green for authentic grass). Put chocolate fingers all the way round the outside for a fence. Stick a couple of plastic animals on the top.


If you want to be very impressive you could add a water feature. Cut a hole shape in the top. Pre make some blue jelly chop it up a bit and stick in the hole.

Dead easy !

RainingCatsandDogs Sat 14-Jul-07 19:27:27

Inspired - dd may like to do a small one also for her brother and she would love this.

foxinsocks Sat 14-Jul-07 19:29:28

ooh it's all animals on here tonight

there are some good pics for inspiration here

Katymac Sat 14-Jul-07 20:50:03

look at the first face that'll help

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